What are you guys currently watching?


I didn’t write it out fully - King’s daughter Su Baek Hyang. It’s really good, though the episode I’m on is really heartbreaking, and it’s nice to see Jeon Tae Soo’s face, even if he’s playing the villain character (he passed away in 2018).

I don’t like picking favorites in anything really, since my taste changes based on the mood I’m in or the age I’m at, but if I had to name a movie that had a big emotional impact, it would be ‘Grave of the fireflies’. I can’t rewatch the movie, especially since spoiler, the movie begins with the ending. And at the beginning you don’t really care about it, but as you are watching the movie and realize that, oh the waterworks… and the fact that this could have really happened as well. I love the other movies for the creativity and the wonderful animations, so it’s hard to pick a favorite :smile:


I watch lots of dramas on the same time. My way of watching dramas is binge watching old dramas while waiting for new episodes of airing dramas. I’m currently like the most are, obsessed with Itaewon Class, and also liking Tell me what you saw. I just finished binge watching coffee prince which I didn’t watch before cuz of laziness and didnt like the female lead ofc regretted not watching it before after I finished it!


I finally found Circle (not here) scary, weird, and funny at times. Binged watched until 6:30 am The HOLO LOVE (SK) hope we can watch here. I am making a request.


I also watch several, in the list is Crash Landing on you, Vagabond, Eternal Love the Pillow Book, Sword Dynasty, Ever Night 2 and just Finish watching The Holo Love :grinning:


ust started watching my Holo love, oh my goodness! the story line is great. thought the cyborg/robots were the tops, but here we go! really am hoping for it to be a good one! and watching ad genius here on viki, its good, watching forest too, wow thats different, tell me what you see another awesome one!


‘‘The Holo Love’’ I started and couldn’t stop so i didn’t sleep until I finish all the episodes. ‘‘Crash Landing on You’’ is so awesome week after week. :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:. 2 more episodes and is over…:frowning:

I will miss them all; they were so funny and brought laughter in my life. YOU must see here at Rviki…The Game: towards Zero. (weird title) good story plot so far.


II am watching the game zero, and what did you see and of course my holo love


I’m currently on episode 2 of My Holo Love and really like it so far.

Also recently finished season 1 of Age of Youth. I plan to watch season 2 but am disappointed that they recasted one of the main characters. I’d rather they just write her out instead.


I am watching “School 2015:Who Are You” right now but i am at the last episode already :sob: I really loved the actors and idk why, but I like watching older K-Dramas. Ofc I do love the new ones too but for me the old ones have something special :sweat_smile::joy:


Spinning Out

really good acting but so realistic that it hurts.

Waiting for a second season.

And now watching My Holo Love …at first I didnt like it because the females are so annoying but the Holo and his scientist are interesting and I can watch it as synced version. Otherwise I might not watch it.


Holo love: It’s weird bc I also didn’t like the girl at first but as the episodes went along i was able to match him with her. lol.

Spinning out is on NTFX?


likewise about not liking the girl, I am going to give it a chance anyway, on second episode now.


Yes, it is.

Okay then I’ll continue watching Holo Love :slight_smile:


I’m currently watching Marry Me Or Not (Finished) and can’t wait to segment and subtitle the last episode of Some Day or One Day. The OST of these two dramas are so good, also Behind Your Smile! :slight_smile:
Now I am watching Time, Forest, and In A Good Way.


That was my first Taiwanese drama, I really liked it :smiley:
I’m currently watching The Idiot. It’s a Russian adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novel of the same name. I just finished the novel last night, and I’m positively glued to the screen watching the adaptation!
I’m also watching Tell Me What You Saw.


Currently I am watching those Dramas:

My Holo Love
Eternal Love of Dream
Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty
Ever Night: Season 2
Extraordinary You
Handsome Siblings
Memories of the Alhambra
The Liar and His Lover
Psychopath Diary
The Princess Wei Young (again XD)
and many more xddd


I don’t want to discourage anyone from watching CRASH LANDING ON YOU but the ending was atrocious after the first 25 minutes to half an hour? maybe less, can’t be certain. bc I refuse to watch again.

You might not feel the same way but the ending destroyed my happiness/excitement.about this drama. Hyun Bin was handsome and captivating until the end. I miss him already. hope he does season 2 of memories of Alhambra with no crappy tragic ending bc I’ll be so devastated.


so glad you told me angellight, was planning to watch it, I really do hate bad endings!
someone mentioned a bad ending w. myholo love, well I do plan to finish it anyway.
so what am I watching

  1. my holo love
    2 dr love
    3 your secret
    4dr john (didn’t ever finish it, )
    5 forest
    6 dr quinn
    thats it for now



I DON’T WANT ANYONE to stop watching this different kind of drama bc I really loved it (except last part of the ending), as messed up as it really was from the beginning. First, it doesn’t have a tragic or bad ending for the main couple (Hyun Bin) it’s just the story turned into a ridiculous going around in circle finding things to add that had no place in that love story.

I understand that North Korea and South Korea might have many issues if someone from SK ‘‘falls in love’’ with someone from NK but in this SO modern society LOVE can transcend any barriers, and they made it look like it was impossible for them to have a normal relationship, and as I saw in the ending, they had to continue their relationship in ‘‘hiding’’ meeting every ‘‘six months’’ or every year.
The whole concept of this ending was ridiculous IN MY OPINION. I can’t stop being angry at the writer of this drama. ‘‘DRAMAS’’ are made up story, so they could have worked something out even if in a real life situation this story would never had happened.

Anyway, I watched the drama again to see if my anger could be ‘‘subside’’/ ‘‘calmed down’’ (since I was sleeping from the boredom) but it only added more anger in the end. You see, from the beginning the writer wrote a ‘‘plot’’ that was too fake (they met as adults in another country) but she completely forgets about meeting this HUNK of a man! yikes! Worse part? Another character ADULT was involved in the scene, and when they met it was as if they never knew each other grrrrrrr…

It insults the viewer’s intelligence when you see in this drama so many things that makes absolutely no sense. I don’t know what this writer was thinking when he/she was writing this story plot. EVERYTHING was ‘‘passable’’ if I may say [for ME, MYSELF and I; it was] The ending ruined what to me would have been a great love story. If I pinpoint stuff here, I would give the story away, and I’m hoping they support ALL these great actors/actresses, and DO WATCH the drama. After all, we all have different taste and opinions and my opinion is not ‘‘set on stone.’’ Maybe someone will see it differently and LOVE IT 'till the end. I didn’t.

PS HOLO LOVE has a great ending but could have been better. NO tragedies there. Just we expected the ending differently bc it had the potential to be the best ending in a drama ever. It was like LOVE with FLAWS too bland/dry/loveless etc…


are you human(yeaaa its back on!)
my holo love, I really do hope its a good ending
I also agree, there are so many dramas that the ending was terrible, are you human was one, (yeah I must love punishment) but the story in itself was good, same for my holo love, maybe I am expecting too much on an ending, I so much want to watch Kill it again, but I remember the ending and can’t get myself to do me this was a good drama up to a pointI just didn’t watch crash landing on you, oh yeah love the actors.
the game toward zero
what did you see
rooftop prince, another bad ending, but I thought the story was quite good anyway
strange hero
your secret
just started watching handsome siblings
thinking of going to the older ones like behind your smile ( a Russian adaption?)
wow I am not putting healer on here ! or heal me kill me something must be wrong with me! heheheheh