What are you guys currently watching?


I started watching handsome siblings and when they killed the mom I turned the TV off. I was angry beyond words. That’s as far as I went in the drama. lol

Are you Human I regret watching that drama so much.

I’m waiting they fully sub Game toward Zero; The subbing is too slow, don’t want to deal with that.

CONTAINMENT is great scary but good.


Oh, me too! I was like, nope, typical revenge story+brothers against each other+same love… I didn’t get past the scene where they killed the parents and took one of the brothers. I suddenly forsaw the entire show, and I didn’t want to deal with that. Can we have a Chinese wuxia/costume drama without revenge for the parent as the motivation?



I know, right? Same story plot again, and again, and again. Full of tragedies, both parents always dying leaving child orphaned, constant heartbreaking/suffering, bloodbath fighting, and I really don’t want/need that in my life. I mean, if they are going to kill ‘‘parents’’ leave at least One of them alive.Why so much tragedy in a story?


the ending was mine of course, are you human but I finally broke down and watching it again
yes really slow on that subbing for the game to zero, so not going to watch handsome siblings , . kill it was good up to a point still believe the writers could have ended it better, just repeats of dramas, I am kinda slipping back to the older dramas and start watching them. I agree too many tragedies in stories
I really am hoping for a good ending in my holo love, still wish there could have been a better ending of are you human 2


I recently rewatched SECRET/ KILL ME HEAL ME and SHE WAS PRETTY. We need those type of dramas to come back. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum (what a hard name to memorize) are great actors that can get any role to be the best and I REALLY miss them so much. They are the best in funny/serious combo type of dramas.


I’m watching this, so thrilling:


Any suggestion for Rom Coms? I’ve watched Secretary Kim, I am not a robot and a few others.


Here at Viki you can watch

  • My Strange Hero (same male lead as in I am not a robot)

  • Her Private Life” (same female lead as in Secretary Kim).

  • Secret Life of My Secretary” is very good (some very funny scenes there), the male lead is an awesome actor who gives life to what could have been a cliché character.

  • It’s not really a rom-com but I loved “Search WWW”. Warmly recommended, and happy ending.

  • Same for Another Oh Hye Young. It has romance but also well-rounded characters. It’s famous for having the most, best and hottest kisses in k-drama.

  • If you’re okay with a historical setting, there’s 100 Days My Prince. The slow-burning romance keeps you on your toes, and it has quite a few comic scenes as well.

  • Where Stars Land. It’s not a comedy, although it has its comic scenes. But it’s incredibly sweet and romantic and the male lead was excellent and lovable. I liked that drama a lot, except for the last couple of episodes.

  • Angel’s Last Mission: Love is very well-made, very sweet, romantic and engaging, though not really a comedy either. You’ll enjoy it I think.

  • Elsewhere, you may want to catch “Spring Night”, sweetly romantic and delightful, while touching a couple of social issues as well.


Hi, there!
How about these?


If I may add to the RomCom suggestions - although some of these are perhaps quirky, here are a few more:

🟨 🟨 🟨 🟨

Perhaps not RomCom yet definitely relationship-based, I also recommend:

@lucasldias There are many, many excellent Kdrama on Viki, I hope you find favorites to enjoy!

@lutra Your suggestions are also on my top faves!

@irmar You can say that again about the kisses on Another Oh Hye Young!


@angelight313_168…I agree with you 100% about the ending of CLOY…was so hoping for a great ending and disappointed to the max. Weeks and weeks of waiting for the ending and they give us this?


I am not mad lol but I am only at… 19 xD But i hope that they dont drag the story because it’s getting tiresome…
PS: Finished Weiyoung for my 2th run :slight_smile: Was a delight to watch as always ^^



I’m telling you I can’t even think about CLOY final episode, without getting high blood pressure. Something that was forgivable became to me, unforgivable. lol

I am so glad someone else agree with me that we didn’t deserve that ending. That is why I fell out of love with K- drama a long time ago. They always lack imagination.


I’m watching an older Tdrama, Zhong Wu Yan. The main female lead is super smart and I like how she helps people. The only thing that I don’t agree with is her choice of guy to fall in love with…but given the backstory I understand why she likes him. So far, the guy is a playboy and a jerk, but surprisingly, he has a conscience and he knows how to apologize. His backstory also explains why he does what he does, but still…so far, I’m liking the show.

Other rom coms:

How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor (a rom com with a mystery)


I’m watching Hi bye, Mama. It’s about Ghost and so far is a really good one.

PS. I forgot to add SPECTROS (ntfx) it has English language voice over (of really bad quality I may add/ lol)

But I love horror dramas especially if it’s about ghost. It has 8 episodes, and is about a group of teens that get caught up in a supernatural clash as vengeful spirits from centuries past rise up in the Liberdade district of São Paulo. I will add a request for this drama I like the different actors/actress young and old mixed alike. I know many will enjoy it too.


I am watching your secret. an edge of your seat mystery! hope it has a good ending !


@helenama73_911 Love your list, especially noted Full House! This was my second K-drama (Autumn in My Heart was the first :heart_eyes_cat:) I still have both dramas on the fansubbed VCDs that I traded for over 15 years ago, treasured artifacts!

Back to Full House, I would like to nominate it as the Ultimate K-Drama RomCom. Okay, okay, Full House is maybe not the best K-romcom ever, but the romantic build-up and the comedic situations are the ultimate - not to mention, Rain, the god of sexiness!

Fellow Vikians, What is your Ultimate RomCom?


I think it is the one that started an explosion in rom coms. The OST is so catchy! I watched it because of the contract marriage relationship (which I really like to watch, for some strange reason–maybe because it’s not based on love at first sight).

As for favorite rom coms, I am not much of a rom com person, more of a fan of melodrama and action and sometimes slice-of-life dramas, but my favorite has to be How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor. I just love that drama, and I really need to watch it again! I also like My Lovely Sam Soon.


dr cutie. first episode was ok, anyway this may be a good one. I have gone back to some old dramas, healer, of course, jekle,hyde &me heal me kill me, just started hi bye mama,
y’know I have not watched my girlfriend is a gumiho, think I will put that on my list as well

helena, have you watched meet me at 3;30 ( I think thats it)


I just finished watching Let Me Introduce Her while waiting for the subtitles and next episodes of Tell Me What You Saw. The story was so interesting and terribly sad at the same time, but in the end, there was redemption for all involved. I had to turn away from watching some of the scenes, but it still was a great show in that the female character took her future in her own hands and didn’t bend in to pressure and she stayed true to her heart.

No, I haven’t heard of that drama. Do you recommend it?