What are you guys currently watching?


I’m watching hi, bye mama but getting so disappointed bc is not what I expected.

I loved movie: Foreigner with Jackie Chan.


sorry, gave you the wrong title, its called “Meet me at 1006” you like sci fi,time travel, and a mystery all tied into one, kind of funny, and not like the other time travel, just note they had to meet at 10:06.

the movie with Jackie chan, I am not a fan of him but this one movie made up for it, its called Namiya, its here on Viki. and I think you will like it. all I will say is Jackie Chan was awesome in this. I have watched a lot of his movies, and this one tops them all, so I am a romanticist (?)


OMG I love Jackie Chan I find all his movies action packed, funny, emotional and very entertaining. FOREIGNER on NTFLX it’s wonderful, and so is TUXEDO (oldie one). The only thing I complain about him that with all his money he doesn’t take more English classes or something. Sometimes I can’t understand what he’s saying so I leave the subtitles/captions on, and I bet viewers hate that too.


the spy next door, reluctant spy(i think) maybe that’s what I should have done, left the subs on He is a good actor, yes the language is a problem


All right! I’ll check it out, thank you for the recommendation!

The premise of the story sounds somewhat similar to 49 Days, another kdrama about a woman who gets into a coma due to a car accident and a grim reaper (aka ‘scheduler’) gives her 49 days to collect the tears of three people who love her (not including her parents). If she does so, she can return to her body, but if not, she will pass on. She discovers that the people she thought loved her may not have loved her at all, and those whom she never would have guessed actually love her. I haven’t seen any episodes of Hi, Bye Mama, so I can’t say how similar they are, but the ‘49 days’ concept is similar.


I thought it looked familiar! thanks for the heads up.



Spoiler alert

I believe the stories are related bc she has 49 days to accomplish something so she can come back to life. I honestly hate the fact that the second wife has been completely ‘‘ignored’’ although she took care of this baby since it was born. Anyone that has a kid knows how horrible those sleepless nights are, not counting the constant colic pain accompanied with screaming for hours, constant earaches, colds, teething! LORD have mercy when those teeth are sprouting like a flower breaking through the soil (gums) hahaha.

I don’t (honestly) like the idea of her coming back to life after 5 years. Maybe if it had been a year I can believe this ridiculous story plot. It’s too fake/unrealistic/senseless (the story).


I haven’t begun to watch it but from what you wrote, it does seem far-fetched.

I just finished watching a Cdrama Rakshasa Street, which I thought was fun and an easy watch. The world can definitely be explored more and delved into, but it has only 24 episodes and each one varies in length from 18 minutes to 30 minutes. I believe it is a comic and an animated series as well, but I haven’t read or watched either. Anyways, I am hoping for a second season someday! It could have been 60 episodes, I think.


You know the funny thing is she constantly looks at her ashes so there’s no possible way she’s in a coma (that’s what I thought was happening) Hope you watch it. I will continue watching bc once i start something I can’t let it go until I see how the ending goes no matter how much I dislike it.

By the way Kingdom 2 is on today but it seems we’ll have kingdom 3 before we see the end.


:smile: I am the same way! I had to force myself to watch the last four episodes of Another Oh Hae Young because I didn’t like the pacing and the lead female protagonist. It was so difficult to watch but I did it! I did a little dance when I was finished.

Now, I watch an episode or a few to see if I will like the show; if not, I won’t continue it. There are only a few shows where I stopped watching for good such as 1% of Something (I was on ep 13 and I was so fed up with the show, I couldn’t force myself to finish) and General and I.

Does Kingdom involve zombies?


YES! lol I’m crazy bc I scream and jump up with zombie’s dramas/movies and I stop watching bc I can’t take it, but this one I have to watch no matter how terrified it makes me feel bc it’s so different, and some parts are even so funny it makes me laugh so much and relieves my stress. Hope you give it a chance and watch it if you can tolerate watching it. At first it was really hard for me but now is even fun to watch and scream and jump.

I wonder when Season 3 of Kingdom will be available. The cliffhanger is very exciting.


I absolutely loved “Meet Me @ 1006”. Viki got a late channel but I don’t think it was ever licensed.
Sadly, the channel isn’t on Viki any longer. Lego Li, Nikki Hsieh, and Ken Hsieh were fun to watch.


will just list a few i’ve seen lately.
in the beginning of this year i’d watched suspicious partner and boy’s over flowers and i liked both of them a lot, i would definitely recommend watching (especially cause i feel like bof is kind of a “classic”). then recently i’d watched to the beautiful you, which i’d stopped nearly at the end just cause of my lack of attention although i really loved sulli’s acting and will probably finish later on for that reason. after that i watched chocolate as i was looking for something kinda sad to watch and… sad it is. i finished crash landing on you, just a few days ago and i have to say that ones already one of my top dramas. finally i am real-time watching itaewon class and originally i was drawn to the cast since park seojoon is one of my favorite actors but i kept watching because the show itself is really, very good.


OKey after watching [Hi, bye mom] today I declare myself out of this drama for good bc I can’t deal with the way the story unfolded on this episode. I will continue on my TV watching the Chinese drama Fighter of the Destiny (here at Rviki site) but prefer watching on my TV, than the complicated new beta video version. Hope everything gets resolved/fixed soon.
PS> The new beta video player is working great now and the issues that bothered me were also fixed. So far there are 2 issues I hope gets resolved #1 FIX time comments is too low and when they write a TC it obstruct the view in the scene of whatever drama. # 2 MAKE screen smaller, is too big, too overpowering and for my taste the screen needs to decrease or give the viewers to decrease it to their taste (like a zoom option) I would definitely make it smaller. Thank you for attention.


well I am back to the older ones, Healer, one of my faves, yeah ending could have been a bit better,

hyde jekle & me, kill me heal me. finished you are surrounded, watching memorist, almost like that psychoimetric, will still watch it anyway, like the cast., watching that zero to(?) and like the cast so will finish that one soon

watching suspicious partner and lawless lawyer
what did you see, think I told someone that it kinda reminded me of the bone seeker,(hunter?) reminded me of the american bone hunter

watching diary of night watcher, and student that walks at night (vampires ) oh and you spoke of that one kingdom 1&2, nope just rather not, I can handle the vampires , garlic and all, but the zombies, you can keep 'em. watching a coupl;e of Chinese ones, in between waiting for subs in the new episodes of the new ones


aznative glad you liked meet me at 1006, wish I could find it I sure would watch it again!

heres another, and not able to find it, I am sure Viki had it a few years ago. concerns a big tree, the young man used herbs and all to help people a magicval mystical type story. when a person drank the concotions, would stir up love, and other emotions and cant remember the title either, maybe like a coffee barista this was a korean drama.





gostei das sugestões vó escolher um pra assistir


I did like where stars land, angels last mission, another oh hye young, her private life, and others


I need to add that I have dropped Handsome Siblings because it was just tiresome to watch after 30 Eps x.x But a good message: I finished Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty and it was worth the watch!