What are you guys currently watching?


I tried re-watching Handsome Siblings (jumped few episodes) but it was too much ‘‘talking’’ is like they never get to the point, and move on in the episodes and like you said is tiresome (I call it boring lol). But I do recommend:

Gear to younger audience but I just love the cute young couple and the story plot is not boring at all. Hope you check it out sometime. Although I’m just head over heel in love with drama and am doing marathon watching on this one right now


If you feel down and want to feel better and laugh I recommend the Best Hit. It’s not too long but very funny and romantic at times and some food for the thought as well.
Yoon Shi Yoon takes on double role, other actors perform their characters in a cute way. It was produced in 2017 but just came a month ago to Viki, give it a try :wink: I think any age group can relate.


I think that was one of the biggest reasons lol maybe i will watch the final but not the rest eps xdd


Watching Chocolate and waiting on the finale of Itaewon class so I can watch the last few episodes in one go :wink:


Currently watching Easy Fortune, Happy Life.


Wonderful drama I’ve seen it twice already bc the romantic couple match so perfectly well, and I love the story from beginning to end.

Now I’m watching and feel so addicted to this Chinese drama simply awesome! Go by and check it out.


I hated the ending, writers could have done something better I think, Kill it was great up- to a point


Sorry to say I put Winter Begonia on hold since subbing is going very slow (NOT COMPLAINING IS COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE), and for once in my life I wished I knew this traditional Chinese lol

The drama is really captivating. My apologies to the team I know the drama is a handful so I’m not complaining just letting ppl know about the subs and just looking forward to watching in a near future. Thanks team for your hard work is definitely a tough one.

I’m rewatching W and I can’t believe how awesome it feels to watch such great drama again (it’s here on viki site) On NTFLX I’m watching RAMPANT incredibly similar to Kingdom I wonder who copied who.

I’m planning to go back to my favorite oldies like HEAL ME, KILL ME, and SECRET those 2 dramas never get old in my book.


Winter Begonia sounds interesting, I may check it out when I am in the mood for a long Chinese drama.

I am watching Flower, I Am! and so far, I like it. However, I really feel the time for the episodes, meaning that although interesting, one episode feels long. With other dramas, I can watch two episodes back-to-back and wonder where the time went.

I’m thinking about re-watching I’m Sorry, I Love You, but I don’t know if I can handle the emotions I get while watching that show. Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorites. In my opinion, it is So Ji Sub’s best and iconic role.


I know the feeling when I watch some Chinese dramas I want to finish their sentence to get the scene going (I feel they talk too much in dramas and movies lol). I was watching the Chinese movie ‘‘The living Dead’’ yesterday and I had to skip every 10 seconds bc i want the thing to move on already and they talk and talk… Anyway, I recommend that movie bc it’s really worth watching.
Winter Begonia (49 episodes?)I don’t think it’s that long, but it’s a type of drama that every episode leaves you anticipating for the next one but I’m waiting till more subbies are in a few episodes, then I’ll go back to watch it again. I really like it bc I saw this in Korean version with Lee Jung Ki? He was in that drama with IU she goes to the past and becomes a princess? Queen? I didn’t got to see it fully bc YT stopped the uploader fro having the rest of the episodes.

I did re-watched [I’m sorry, I love you] a while back, and is a very sad and depressing drama so I didn’t watch the whole thing through but I went to the ending bc is not that bad of an ending but it left something in the air…more affection/emotions?

I loved So Ji Sub in the one where the girl sees ghost? and the ghost torment her. He’s rich guy (like always dirt poor girl /CEO guy plot), ends up falling in love with this ‘‘naive girl’’ (she’s a great actress too I see every movie she’s in) I’m bad with Asian titles! I felt that character fit him to a ‘‘T’’ bc he’s so serious, and he was so attractive in that drama, even romantic which is rare about him… But in [Something Happened in Bali] Wow!!! he was superb bc he was so tough and manipulative and the air of mystery in him, goes all the way to the end. Have you seen those 2?


Lol yes, they sometimes talk too much instead of moving the plot along with their actions, but ah well. It gives me vocab practice in Mandarin :smiley: When watching Tribes and Empires, I felt that the talking was a bit much, but honestly, I didn’t mind because I liked the drama and the characters too much to be annoyed.

That’s not too long at all, I’ll give it a shot.

Are you referring to Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo? That is my all-time favorite drama, but I cannot rewatch it because I will be thrown into melancholy for a few days. I remember weeping hard while watching it. Yes, IU falls into a coma in the real world and she wakes up as the cousin to the wife of one of the princes. She befriends almost all of the princes, but in the process, she gets caught up in the political scheming, and the drama quickly goes from light-hearted due to her 21st Century actions and thinking in the Goreyo era to heavy and dark with the betrayals and fighting. But the OST is legendary, in my opinion (but I’m biased :D).

As for I’m Sorry, I Love You, I think the reason why their relationship really caught my attention was because he saw through her shield of being okay with everyone using her, and he showed her her worth. They really clicked together, and I was rooting for them all the while. His feelings about his mother were so complicated and I loved how seemingly contradictory they were. I think So Ji Sub really embodied the Cha Moo Hyuk’s humble past, his complicated present, and his tragic future (although it was a sacrifice).

I believe that one is The Master’s Sun. He was great there, too, and I believe the actress is Gong Hyo Jin.
I haven’t seen Something Happened in Bali. Is it worth watching?



Thanks for the info you’re good with titles. I’m going to write the titles down in my notebook where I put down notes to remember the titles.I already looked for [Something happened in Bali] but they don’t have it here anymore. Maybe you can find it here or hopefully somewhere you can see it bc I really, really liked that drama bc it also has Ha Ji Won and Ji Sung? I loved them all together!

I feel we have the same taste in dramas most of the time, so I know you will like this one, and you might not like the ending but I found it so awesome and perfect for an ending in that drama. Not going to deny that I cried long and hard but if I was a writer I would have written the same ending with no regrets. I hope you find it and let me know how you liked it.


I saw Master’s Sun as well, and I also loved the soundtrack:


I just started Meow, the Secret Boy (or Welcome, as the Korean title is), and I am really liking it! It’s cute, it has a beautiful kitty, and the makings of a love triangle (not that I mind). Not to mention that it’s funny. I have a Russian Blue mix and when I’m bored, I imagine what he would be like as a human, and if I was a superhero, he would be my sidekick :smile: So, the story clicks with me


Well, if Viki ever decides to broadcast a show about you and your supercat I will watch. :joy:

And Meow will also go on my list.


Btw, speaking of cats … did you ever watch this one?


I started “The memorist” - ofc it’s seung ho and se-young so It’s been on my watchlist since I heard they’re going to have a drama together.
I also started “hi Bye Mama” - this drama just breaks my heart every episode. I haven’t cried so much like this in a long time. I usually cry during climax of the series but with this drama, I cried since ep 1.
Currently also watching rooftop prince while waiting for new episodes of both stated above.



Maybe I’ll get around to writing a little series about my cat and I…one day :smiley:

Yes, I’ve seen Imaginary Cat! The relationship between Bok Gil and Jong Hyun is so adorable and I think it is the highlight of the show. The female lead was too intrusive, I didn’t like her very much. I cried at the end of the show (if I say anymore, it may spoil the show for others).


watching a mish mash of everything! a few minutes here a few minutes there/ although I am watching the new one excentric chef. and my roommate is a detective. going to catch up on “tell me what you saw.”

If imaginary cat is on here, may watch that too, also that new one about the cat. I went to Prime and tried to watch samari cat, but wasn’t able to get it to play, any one watch attic cat

I have watched Masters sun so many times. don’t think I want to watch it any more. and yes it was good, I did like it and I know y’all are talking about ghosts and all, so ji sub played in a drama called tetrus behind me, that one was so good, not sure its on YT now.
theres a new on Netflix oh gosh, title just zoomed over my head, he was getting married, but his wife was killed and he was stabbed in the eyes , lost his sight. don’t want to give too much away. on the first episode, looks like a detective type show,thile starts with an R
I am going to go & plant some seeds, be back later


Yes, Imaginary Cat is here on Viki! :slight_smile: