What are you guys currently watching?


thanks! I hate bad endings too. so glad I stopped watching it! wonder why they do that wasn’t it Faith they did practically the same thing?


Started watching - I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice
This drama caught my attention effortlessly while it seems to belong to the catagory - Still waters run deep.
It reminds me a bit of - Will it Snow for Christmas? - which wasn’t well- received by many, but I still liked it. It’s slow but not prolonging the storyline. It’s like watching falling slow when it is at a pace when you can follow one snowflake fall to the ground - gracefully. You see, I am caught. I’ll keep watching might take a bit, so many things to do …


I don’t know if that belongs here :thinking:
But I’ve already got excited,
I struggle through 70 episodes, Some episodes can be very long :face_with_monocle:Until something happens again… And then, such a stupid ending :face_with_raised_eyebrow::frowning::confounded:
Really does not work :expressionless:


What are/were you watching?
Was hast du, oder was schaust du gerade?



I never saw FAITH bc the actress acting doesn’t/never appealed my interest in watching any dramas she’s in (no matter who the main guy is). But I read many comments that the ending ‘‘sucked big time’’ in the drama: Faith.


The rices of Phönixes hieß es, glaube ich, so ein blödes Ende, unmöglich, aber es liegt wohl an diesem extrem hörig sein in den Familien… The Country aber auch, richtig gut gewesen eigentlich Vorsicht spoiler :grin: und dann sterben sie einen sooo blöden Tod unglaublich, beide Hauptdarsteller, sie hätten beide überleben müssen, meiner Meinung nach


Chinesisches Drama? Schaue ich sehr, sehr selten. Ich mag Geschichten, die mehr im Realen spielen. In China sind die Hürden für die Drehbuchautoren von der Regierung vorgegeben, sie sollen möglichst Idealen folgen, Familienbande pflegen, Loyalität zu Oberhäuptern, sei es Familie/Arbeit/Staat, Fleiß, Selbstlosigkeit, …
Das kann sich für uns schon manchmal wie eine Überdosis anfühlen und wenn dann der selbstlose Held auch noch stirbt wird er zum Märtyrer und ewig bewunderten Helden, der unter Einsatz seines Lebens alles gewagt hat und es für die Allgemeinheit errungen hat. Fühlt sich aus dem Blickwinkel des Westens betrachtet vielleicht in etwa so an, als sei er um den verdienten Lohn betrogen worden, die Chinesen sehen das oft anders, oder vielleicht mögen sie diese Art dramatische Enden einfach lieber.


Ja, daß ist bei einigen echt extrem, aber in vielen habe ich das Gefühl, das sie sich davon befreien, sich lösen von diesen kniend gebückten Haltungen, bzw langsam ein Rückgrat entwickeln, und später richtig auch Stärke zeigen, aus so einem Grund gucke ich eigentlich gern chinesisch historisch, aber sowas…ist echt schade dann…


At least they won’t get into fights about leaving out dirty socks or not putting the cap back on the toothpaste … :wink:


On NTFLX though…You guys need to see SEOUL SEARCHING it’s from 2015 and just loved it!


I did see Crash Landing On You, but not the other ones you mentioned. My Taiwanese friend had told me he didn’t like the ending of Crash Landing On You, so I was afraid they would die or something, so I was glad that they at least survived.

True, it’s not always only bad …


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It’s written by Park Ji Eun.


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There might still come a second season in which they move to Switzerland permanently … or they all end up dying, you never know …


I never finished the rise of the phoenix, guess that will be another one I will be watching. or the legend of the phoenix either


I love watching Chinese dramas, cause they add a lot of historical stuff in their dramas, oh yeah I know they add a lot of fiction too. but I love it when they fly, well we know ropes & pullies, wonder how much research goes into those stories!


The 2010 movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was my introduction to the Wuxia genre of Mainland Chinese movies/stories.

I’ve seen quite a few behind-the-scenes videos from modern Wuxia dramas. An extraordinary amount of work is devoted to many of the dramas I’ve watched. Costumes, jewelry, wigs, the building of sets.

These may be interesting for you to read.


I saw it on NTFLX and I was amazed how much i liked it although some parts are sad. I always watch the behind the scenes after the movie/drama is completely finished.

PS. Thanks for sharing the link epic battles etc…it was a very interesting link (different from behind the scenes) This link went more in depth on how studios work out those magical scenes that are so awesome to watch in dramas/movies.


Then I wish you, that you’re happier with the end,
when I was… It was not nice and now :zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth::grin: