What are you guys currently watching?


Oh no… then I might have to adjust my expectations after finished S1. I’m still somewhere in the beginning though, but I already consider it a gem and I haven’t even finished watching it :smile:


I read some comments/review from [Fleet of time], and didn’t had the desire to watch it. The same thing happened with Itaewon Class. Oh my goodness, I am so glad I didn’t fully watched. I heard the ending is heartbreaking too. I know very well life is not full of roses but watching these painful scenes can trigger depression for me, and bring back memories that were buried and need to stay buried for the sake of one’s sanity.

PS. I only did 54 subtitles in Spanish for Fleet of Time.


Ninerva in fire is not the one I saw! is there one just called Ninerva? cause I know I seen one with that name in it. but am on 2nd episode of this and really good so far/ and the English sub is awesome!!
oh and a p/s on this, I do like those English subs!

well I went a bit further in the drama, looks like I did watch it, didn’t finish it, so that’s one I will be watching. Taoist grandmaster, sweet munchies, ok y’all again I stand corrected of my former messages.

I found Thank you again and its a must watch, a guy you love to hate and now one f my favorite actors! this drama is awesome, tear-jerker in places.

Oh My Geum Bi not watching this one but giving a mention, this was also a tear-jerker, wish viki would put it back on. anyway this is the few I am watching


That’s a good point. We all have to take care of our own mental health and we know for ourselves which things might be better to avoid. I must say though that way too happy stories can trigger depression for me too (Why is my life not like that? Why are things so easy for them?).
On the other hand I can in some cases also feel I made progress if a certain scene reminds me of something bad I’ve been through in life, but notice that it doesn’t effect me as badly as it used to anymore.


I’m watching this drama that is a Fated to love you remake (chinese version) and I totally dig it. Love the pair and some changes that they made in the story (not too drastic changes)


I’m finishing up Goodbye Mr. Black. The storyline reminds me of The Count of Monte Cristo.

I’m also watching I Love Lee Tae Ri. I’m almost done, currently on episode 15, and I like it. I’ve been wanting to watch old and somewhat overlooked dramas. I find their quality endearing instead of the newer dramas’ quality.

Some older dramas on my never-ending list:
Dear My Sister
My Beloved Sister
Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son


Oh, I remember that one in my early KDrama days. I think it was one among the first 20 I watched.



I’m watching WARRIOR NUNS on [NTFX] awesome drama filmed in some parts of Spain. You will see gorgeous parts in Spain, and I was shocked to see parts that looked exactly like my Island PR. and I finally remembered that Puerto Rico became a Spanish colony, and remained under Spanish rule for over 400 years. So now I know where the similarities comes from.
Well, my maternal grandfather was born and raised in Spain, and at 19 came from Spain fought with his Dad but after US takeover he stayed behind bc he fell in love with my grandma. His father and rest of his family went back to Spain. I’m gonna make a request you never know…


YouTube only has the first 8 episodes. I already sent the request for the drama to be on Viki. Not finishing it bothers me :sweat_smile:

That sounds interesting! I’ll check it out.



Be careful on YT they have spoilers (warrior nun) so I suggest you enjoy the drama first, and don’t watch the trailer they set up in there (it has spoilers not worth watching there). This is season 1, and I hope they hurry up with season 2. It’s so good I watched all night and day w/o stopping. I am so sleepy right now. We have a storm here so that makes me even more sleepy, but the thunder interrupts my sleepiness. hahahahaha


another I need t watch, warrior nuns? hmmm are they nuns , don’t tell me, I will watch


They are special and some weird warrior nuns. But the story itself is very intriguing, and I like anything that relates to religion.


same here, so thats intruging right there! I haven’t gotten there just yet, had other things I had t do this morning, but will get to it in a bit.


Ist auch so bei mir, ich kann nicht viel mit modernen ChDramen anfangen, ausser es sind solche wie zB Decoded oder der Film Reset etc. Ich schaute aber einige taiwanesische, die waren ganz anders. Deshalb gefallen mir die historischen, erinnern mich öfters an Märchen, ich liebte Christian Andersen und Grimm Märchen mit viel Magie und Fantasie :blush: Wenn moderne, dann eher die koreanische.


I’m watching WAS IT LOVE? with one of my fave actress Song Ji Hyo and IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK, but sadly they are not here at Rviki i suggest you put a request bc they are both awesome!


have you ever watched a drama you don’t think you have watched then discover a few episodes from ending, you have seen the thing a few years ago, ? I just did, it was enjoyable of course. But gosh!

Nirvana in fire, I think we discussed this some time ago just finishing the last couple of episodes,
and btw, loved the english subs too! refreshing


Meteor Garden. Very enjoyable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Its so good:grinning:


uhoh two more on my list, been a long time since I have watched them, angelight (NF??) I think I am watching that one, and the first couple episodes got me



Yes, they are both on NTFLX. Today is the one with Song Ji Hyo. It’s really good and i hope I don’t jinx it. lol

PS. The other one is saturday and sunday but after midnight they already subbed like Friday after midnight I can watch the episode for saturday after midnight saturday I can watch sunday’s episode.