What are you guys currently watching?


the older dramas


Which ones? :slight_smile:


A combination. I started NIF2, but felt I needed a break.
And like @angelight313_168 I’m watching It’s okay not to be okay & Was it love per week when both episodes have aired.

Have watched the first episode of train, but not feeling it at the moment. So switched to While you were sleeping, since I hadn’t watched it yet :sweat_smile: Also watching some episodes of Delicious Rendezvous, but I can’t watch that show when hungry and I often find myself trying to recreate the recipes if it interests me enough :smile:


ad genuis lee tae beck , my princess, princess hours, prince hours, golden cross, wok of love, anyway for now

the prince & princess ones I’m watching again, don’t know why I didn’t ever get into the golden cross one
going to watch risky love, sounds interesting


I’m guessing you’re not watching any of those for the first time, right? :wink:



thats another one I want to watch(the suspect)


I just finished DARK at Nflx. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:
And this series just blew my mind because the writer connected so many small details from season 1 to season 3 where the viewer has to be 200% focused on the drama and CAN’T do something beside watching. They did really a good job and this is the first time where I didn’t need english subs because it’s a german production lmao :joy::ok_hand: (but I used turkish subs to improve my mother tongue here :eyes:)

I can recommend this for everyone who wants to have a complex, dark and not so happy series! :point_left:


I hav e decided to not to watch them,lost interest. but golden cross I do plan to watch, wok of love and that chicken one, just need a laugh today


Did you see Meteor Garden (NF) yet? It’s funny!



I have it on hold bc I started screaming with the trailers alone. The one you saw is about the missing kids, right? I just saw they have 2 more titled DARK, too.

The other one that is REALLY good is [ONLY] a pandemic that attacks women ‘‘only’’. JU-ON the Japanese one; I’m watching on breaks bc is based on true events, and to know this happened in real life breaks my heart. It has very traumatic scenes not for the faint of heart.

Here I was watching MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT and out of the blue has restricted access but I saw it before no big deal. I watched W for third time a drama that never gets old.

I suggest you check out WAS IT LOVE? I repeat the episodes to make sure I didn’t miss a thing since I can’t tell who’s the girl’s Dad. They play with your head in a way that you start doubting your guessing skills.


I also have this on my watchlist (JU-ON), I am glad to hear that it’s good so I will watch this the coming days ^^

@angelight313_168: I just finished three season so yes in the first season the first reason is about the missing kid(s) and sooo much more :slight_smile:


Me too! :slight_smile:


I must love punishment. I am starting to watch Love me if you dare, again,

I watched this some time ago, really liked it then, I like watching crimes like this, and solve them right along with them. I don’t think I have seen Wallace Ho smile in any of his dramas, but I do enjoy watching him. now this profiler? type guy, I would love to slap him silly sometimes, the way he treats that girl. I do know what the ending is like,
do remember that. all I will say if no one has watched it, you just gotta, so many twists & turns, and in some places boring, but this will keep you on your toes!

oh, I haven’t been able to find meteor garden, and thats another , my girlfriend is a spy, hmmmm, maybe I will look into that one too


It’s on Netflix.


thanks! I will look for it then


Enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


on 3rd episode for now


This is what i’m watching now. The starting is BORING but episode 4 is giving me hope for improvement.


It is good? Some people are saying it’s good but others are saying it’s boring so I don’t know if I want to invest my time in that drama even tho I love the female lead xd