What are you guys currently watching?


OMGoodness ppl u need to see this awesome drama I’m non stop since I started. LOVE IT! Finally variety and great translation/subtitles!



Yes! My latest project. :slight_smile:


It happens to me too sometimes.
It could be cause whatever you’re watching is a remake.


ok thanks for that… was just weird is all, so that chef one, I will start that one today!

ok y’all started watching my name is Busaba, almost put “my name is sam soon”,

but this is so refreshing the other was a pastry chef and this a chef, thai chef at that. so will be enjoying this one!


I’m volunteering on My Name Is Busaba. :slight_smile:


thanks mirjam. this one is really7 refreshing! yeah, I like it a lot! so its like sam soon, but we got at least 3 others that are about alike,. again this one is really refreshing! cAn’t wait to see the rest of the episodes!

yes a remake., got it!




Not sure I’m in the appropriate thread, but I’m new and don’t think I can start my own thread yet. How to see the Chinese (Shanghia) film “Soulmate”? It gets great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks!


I don’t think it’s on Viki…the only one I found was a kdrama by the same name


I finally got through through the first episode of “Graceful Family”(not because it was boring, quite the opposite, but because it was long), and wow, I wasn’t expecting to see a strong female lead in this one. Super excited to watch the next episodes and highly recommend :hugs:


watching a drama called Miss truth, I also recommended viki to get it. a cute neat story, girl proficient in doing autopsies, and the stuff she gets into!, again the subs are much to be desired. looking at an influential guy and calling him hoity-toity, I did a double-take on that one.

oh its in the historical type stuff. kind of reminded me of the sleuth from the ming dynasty, but he didn’t do autopsies. really cute, and the actors & actresses outstanding. of course, someone is looking for that pearl, not sure of the significance of it. anyway a good watch but still finishing up with my other dramas here on Viki


I have given in to watching descendents of the sun, I don’t know why I never watched it. but the first episode intrigued me! so I will be watching this one.




I cried like a river! The film is so sad, be prepared guys! :sob::heart:


Yes, it will make you cry, but is so worth watching. I loved the ending, so ppl know that is not the ending that will make them cry (some ppl won’t watch if ending is sad). I loved that is based on a true story, so we see a part of history during those times that is very important to know about and the government always try to hide from the world. Here in USA everything is known hard as they try to hide it, won’t happen. that is why ppl tend to think so much crime/things happen in US but it happens all over the world but some get to hide everything like they tried to hide the killings of innocent ppl during that time and the courage of a taxi driver and journalist served justice in the end. A real tear jerking movie; but I REPEAT worth watching!


thats another one I got on my list, ok I also got one but it isn’t here on viki, I did request it
called miss truth. kind of reminds me of Imperial doctress, but I like Miss truth, really quite good too.
Imperial doctress, is good too


Yes, it was sad but it was woth the time and I reviewed this film with a 10/10!
Just a masterpiece! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


I really enjoyed watching both dramas. Was especially pleased with “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” story.


When I read ‘hoity-toity’ while watching “Miss Truth” I laughed out loud!
I was curious about the expression Hoity-Toity.

If you liked “The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty” you would probably also like “Ancient Detective”.


yeah, thanks for the information. yes love ancient detective,watching it again. wouild love to see more like this and the sleuth fropm ming dynasty.