What are you guys currently watching?


After the recommendations: Meteor Garden


Do You Like Brahms? This brings back memories. I have three kids who play instruments. The oldest is a pianist, and I have twins who play violin and cello. All are competition level musicians and have performed for many years in various orchestras. I never missed a performance or competition and used to sit through the rehearsals, especially when my daughter was the concert mistress.


You’re welcome.
I would love to see a continuation of “The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty” with the same cast and some new bad guys, and lots more scenes of Sui Zhou cooking meals for the family.
Viki recently added a new historical drama about a female detective called “Maiden Holmes”.


You must be so proud. Congratulations!


Thank you! I miss listening to them practice. They used to perform together as a trio at public events quite a bit as well. That’s why my username is choitrio. They are college students so most of their friends are not into classical music. They now prefer playing guitars.


i am currently watching dr stranger and flower of evil :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was thinking like a woman sherlock holmes, I will look into it today hopefully its here



They both are great dramas and you’ll be shocked with Dr. Stranger ending (it has a twist). I read that on an Asian website (can’t verify if is true). But it was what stopped me from watching the drama.

Flower of Evil deserves many awards broke free from the monotonous same story line in K-drama. Besides the fact that it has the best 2 main characters.


I am waiting for the twist. Thank u for you feedback. Nice to meet you my friend::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Actually, I am watching many - Lost romance, my unicorn girl, GO ahead, and I-LAND.
I am doing a followup every week. I suggest you watch these. All the 4shows I am watching are quite different. If you are interested in dancing and singing stuff go with I-LAND. If you are interested in family, friendship type then GO AHEAD. if you are interested in different kinds of Rom-comedy then LOST ROMANCE. If you are interested in a typical university love story where the girl pretends to be boy and joins a university of her dream and joins boys ice hockey team then go with MY UNICORN GIRL. :smile:


I don’t know if I should put this here,I am still watching Miss Truth, a cute awesome drama,
if this is not right just delete it,.

something happened to me the other day and really didn’t realize it. a lot of people said to watch Descents of the sun, did about 4 episodes, would you believe that it affected me? the one word triggered it Afghanistan, my son was there twice, now PTSD kicked in him, looking for him and well I won’t go into full detail, but I started feeling down, really down, thinking of my son along with this. no, the Kdramas DO NOT depress me, lets get that straight, but this, it really affected me! sorry this is so0 long, and please don’t let this stop you watching this, It was and is a fantastic drama, I just am not able to watch it!


Yeah, don’t watch it if it brings you bad memories, even if it’s not the drama’s fault :slight_smile:


Mary, you are not alone. Although I have no relations in what sort ever to soldiers, but I am unable to watch it, never have started it. I think the last drama with military background I watched was Route Nr. 1 and a Larkorn I’ll Fated/ Khu Kam, they both are further back in history, the Korean War and WWII, but I couldn’t tell, if I would be able to watch these days. I’ve gotten more sensible about this genre and avoid it pretty much and it goes into other dramas too, like Bad Guys, Heartless City, … I couldn’t keep watching or didn’t even start, sometimes I can but most time, if there is too much violence - I will just stop, don’t worry everyone has issues of his own, other can’t watch weddings, the next cheating, the other kids getting a beating, or bullying, or …
Real life matters more, if your son gets the right treatment and you both can cope somehow … I can only imagine a little how it must be because I am living close to Ramstein Airbase so sometimes you will meet Americans, and they will let you know a little.
Take your time, look at beautiful things to lift your mood, look for soul food. I am trying too. These days are eating up my energy, that’s why I am not that much around, or not as encouraging as before. Simply because the days are so long and I’ve got so little energy. Hwaiting, Mary! Today, tomorrow as long as there is a morning stay strong.
Have a beautiful day.


Just saw the end WAS IT LOVE? and of course Asian writers never failed to disappoint with this ridiculous wait 2 or 3 years to be with the person. What a RIDICULOUS pattern they have in this k-dramas. EVERYONE knows that won’t happen in real life so, why have it in dramas time after time?


Tanks all of you for boosting me, I really felt bad not able to watch that drama! and heres another thing, I havent seen my son now its 3 years, and at that time we had a confrontation that he left, and thats it! really disturbing, just a small matter and boom! anyway trying just like you said, and living one day at a time, and yes I have prayed about this(him) amnd have left it with God, He hads got this now! but the memories are there, thank yopu so much for that.

now on to what I finished. I watched miss truth on prime, and it ended, oh I really hope theres a second season! and as for strangers, what’s with that, it is so dragging, and the main guy they aren’t having him do much. oh well,
my sister convinced me to watch Colbi Kai on Netflix, remember that kong fu show (kungfu kid?) guess 20 years or so ago? well, the guys have grown up. and I am presuming that its going to be funny, but that first episode, not my cup of tea if you know what I mean and see? this is another reason why I like the Kdramas and C-dramas, veryfew and between vulgarity, and well you would have to look to understand.

anyway, y’all thanks for the pep talk too.



thank you!!:blush::disappointed_relieved::heart_eyes:



I don’t know the circumstances of the 3 year separation from your son but I do know that you can try to communicate with him through family members or through Facebook (you never know)

I also had a fight with my oldest son and he had to leave my house 5 years ago, but after a year I looked for him, and clean his small apartment twice a month, brought him food, got him a TV, whatever he needed. Although he has a job he hanged out and spend his money.

I am glad although we can never live together in the same roof, we communicate and I know where he’s at. Sometimes they don’t approach us bc they are too ashamed of what they did (disrespecting us) but as mothers we must let them know we forgive them and we can talk at least.

PTSD with the right therapy can be treatable and hopefully your son is getting treatment and medicine for it. YOU AND YOUR SON ARE IN MY PRAYERS. DON"T watch any dramas that will bring you sad memories/thoughts/ Watch dramas that make you happy and relax

PS> ON YOUTUBE they have a lot of prayers for our children and protection for them. I have it day and night on my TV do the search and chose what you like better. I can’t suggest mine to you bc is in spanish priest PADRE SALVADOR HERRERA (he speaks in tongues at the beginning) and he starts praying and he’ll ask you to say your son’s name; when he ask we say the full name of our son/daughter and he continues the prayer…


You weren’t the only one who felt that way… I read the forums and people were so mad that the writer wasted this episode :laughing:


I’m new here :slight_smile:
I’m watching Fated to love you
I like very much that dorama :heart_eyes:
Also I see Because this is my first life, I like too :blush: