What are you guys currently watching?



This comment might be considered a spoiler.

Yes, the last episode was such a waste of time for us viewers. The story lacked the human touch and nature of love between child and parent. The corrupted old man commits a crime AGAIN, and we never see what happens to him and pay for his crime (the beating? Big deal!). I saw it twice thinking I missed something or maybe I feel asleep, but I guess I’m blind bc I see nothing happening to that BUM criminal.

I feel bad for all those wonderful actors that were so good in their respective roles but got a loser for a writer. You have to be a loser to mess up something that was going so well (really the gangster episode 13/14? was a sign we were going to be smeared with more crap anyway).

The daughter grows up, gets married and the father is pushed to the side although we all know it was never his fault he wasn’t in her life. I can’t get over that drama that was going so perfect until the last 4 episodes and worse end episode (the most important part of any drama). I WILL NEVER recommend this drama again, and I’m glad I never made a request for it here at this site. The actor’s need to get a back bone and input the mistakes of the writers before is too late.

. Needed to vent…sorry…:hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:


good advice, but he is still retired military, I know he is stationed at one of those bases, last time I heard he was MP. he has blocked me on Facebook, I do have his email address, but no response when I do email him as for my family members, he was closer to his aunt in VA but she hasn’t heard from him either, nor her son, so thats out, my middle sone lives in MD and as far as I know he hasn’t heard anything either, its like he is off the grid. so prayers really appreciated, and thanks.

I do know who is in control!


AMEN! GOD is always in control. I hope he’s safe and comes back into the family.


now back to this. I finished watching Miss truth on prime, wow what a lousy ending BUT hopefully there will be a second season, the one guy played on taoist grandmaster, that also was good too. may just watch that one again! just started miss Holmes, its kinda good, haven’t gotten into it much yet, thats it for now


NTFX has a lot of great dramas/movies I won’t mention them here bc is not fair to those who don’t have ntfx but lately ntfx is on a role with great dramas/movies.

DID you try to watch here at RVIKI site [MY NAME IS BUSABA?] It’s a lakorn/Thai drama; the subtitles are almost perfect and fast. The story is entertaining and the cast very good looking so a feast to the eyes BUT I wish she stays with second male lead, but I know it won’t happen. She’s so lucky both guys are a hunk, rich and adorably nice.


yes I am watching My name is Busaba, I think its cute.

and I do agree about NFX, they are doing a bunch on there now!


I get it. Lots of plot holes and unanswered questions.
I didn’t mind the gangster episode, as it answered a couple of questions and resolved issues in the relationship between DC and his father. I do think they spent too much time on it.

I don’t think actors have much say in how the story is supposed to end; they only have input in making their characters pop more on screen. The question I have is if the script was complete when the actors read it or if the writers finished the script later or if they edited the finished script mid-way. The episode just felt uninspired and that’s the biggest disappointment as a viewer.


Finishing the last episodes of Meteor Garden. Happy the story line changed a bit, because I felt like I was watching a repeat (copy paste) of previous episodes and I was growing tired of it. Let’s see how it ends :slight_smile:

Side note: the violin scenes make me cringe so much :laughing:


Yes in Asian film media world, I doubt actors/actress have a saying on the dramas or movies story plot development.

Here in U.S. they even sue the writers or Directors/ Producers if the actor/actress feel wronged in any way or disagree on anything, and they don’t go along with it and fix the issue.

Lee Jun Ki (Gi), and Si Jung won’t accept any role offered if the writers, directors, producers don’t agree to work with their ideas during filming. If you noticed their dramas/movies are always the best and if you see the trailers you noticed how much input they have on the scenes. They have a back bone others should follow the example.


Philippians 4:13 - “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”


one of my favorite scriptures, thank you for sharing, I needed that this morning!


You’re welcome.


Whenever i feel I can no longer go on I GRAB my bible and read this verse

Isaiah 41:10
New International Version
10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


thanks y’all for the uplift!


I just finished watching #ALIVE with Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah-in Oh Joon Woo. The zombie movie that
will make you scream, jump from your seat and run around like a lunatic! you must see it. I DIDN’T Expected to be this good.

I just started [RECORD OF YOUTH] new series starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam … 2 episodes so far MONDAY AND TUESDAY

WHAT a pity RVIKI never had this one license here. looks so good I could tell


HOW IS IT??? I loved Park Bo Gum in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds :heart_eyes:…As far as you’ve watched, what’s your opinion??


ok another for me to watch, hope it really is good. told y’all many months ago don’t care for zombie stuff, but have to change my mind, cause I just gotta watch that zombie detective coming up! I did watch train to Busan, due to my favorite actors, and it was good. Like I said before give me the vampire, witches werewolves, etc, I think I can handle them, but zombies, the living dead? don’t think so!

and when is that drama going to come on??


now watching lawless lawyer ep 12 . i am loving the drama. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I really liked it too.

I am watching Miss truth and madam holmes, hey a question,(on madam holmes)in one of the scenes, I hope I am not giving something away, here goes, a serial killer, an artist, wants to produce his master piece, course he later kills his dream(?) anyway the question, wasn’t there a movie, drama that had that in it? it may have been an american drama(Murder she wrote?) not sure but that one scene sounds so familiar. any one??


The only show that comes to mind now, is Born Again! It had a painting serial killer in it.