What are you guys currently watching?


I haven’t heard of the history of a salaryman. Will check it out :slight_smile:


I start watching El Hierro now. I hope it is interesting (since I’m in the mood for some crime drama atm).

And I’m looking forward to be able to watch Zhang Yimou’s Shadow.


Well, I just finished “Novoland: The Eagle Flag” and I loved it. Each episode is like a whole movie. It’s just a pity, that the drama was cut down from 70 episodes to 56 episodes, there are missing some scenes in the last quarter of the drama.

And I’m watching “I wanna hear your Song” which is not that fluffy drama, you may think, when you see the posters. I’m watching “My Mowgli Boy” which is basing on “The Jungle Book” a cute RomCom about a young man from the jungle and a spoiled It-Girl. And “The Legends” with Xu Kai and Bai Lu. Both have a great chemistry. I have 4 episodes left.


Hi, where are you watching?


Hi, I think it’s against the rules to share other websites for watching publicly, but I sent you a pm.

PS. Eu não sei que eu posso falar em português :joy:

(But actually I’m learning it, so it was funny to see my post written in Portuguese suddenly :slight_smile: )


I am going to have to watch this one. seems like I watched before. like one of the guys was the father. something like that. no don’t tell me, ( the … is back)

there are clinical services, and if you are a church goer, talk to your pastor.


Yes it is but from time to time I watch those in YT it was already warned it was very sad and based on a true story. I like those kinds of dramas and cried a lot, too.



Through the entire time my main concerned has been for sulli bc I walked in her shoes been bullied/abused/outcasted and attempting to take my pain away was exactly what sulli and I did.

YES, I at one point took medicine and received counseling so this the reason why I feel using such a serious theme as a comedy show is the most insensitive thing to do.

I thought the show was geared as a serious subject, so I went as far as episode 3. Where can you see upto episode 12? The way I see it, and was hoping for, it seems it does get more serious (maybe) in further episodes. Since you mentioned a guess relates her story and her suffering through bullying and receiving psychiatric help.

Now, I understand your opinion since you majored in psychology and might work in that field.

But I still have the same opinion, and maybe you just starting in psychology bc you as a psychology student must know how much this show can affect some viewer’s life; especially those who have suffered what sulli has gone through. I would expect from you to see the other part of the show that I criticized and not try to make it look like I was exaggerating (sorry if I’m mistaken but that’s what I felt before)

Anyway, the peace be with you, and I hope the career you chose is the right one for you so you can help the ppl. that needs it. Thank you for choosing such a difficult but so caring career that I know is really hard, and sadly doesn’t pay much.


I don’t know why you would give me such well-meaning advice? Because life took a turn and I can’t watch dramas like I used too?


No, I don’t think you were exaggerating. You have a right to your opinion and I respect your opinion. It’s really hard to read someone’s intention through an internet screen. I just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t generalizing my comment and why I didn’t agree with everything.

Just FYI, the show doesn’t get more serious, but they do have more guests on it that have had a lot of knetz-backlash and were “internet-bullied”.
Episode 12 features a songer-writer who they refer to as the king of hate comments and he’s the one who made the comment.

I see that the show can seem problematic if you thought that it would be more serious. It’s far from perfect in different aspects. Don’t know how to explain it - I just see it as a way to get to know the guest better and to see how they dealt with the backlash.


Made it through History of the Salary Man, as I said the acting was spot on. Now with such an unusual drama, not the story line, but the execution … I wonder what I will watch next? I will keep you updated … Today I think I will go to sleep early since the last nights were somewhat short.
Those two oddballs I will remember them :rofl:


did I make a mistake? I sure didn’t mean to offend!I thought I was responding to someone.


LOL Mistake? I am sure you were responding to someone, but was that reply meant for me? That is why I was asking you I am not offended, only confused … What in my comment would lead to such a suggestion …


boy, am I embaressed!
Umbrella sad something about being bullied and all, thats why my response. the first couple of sentences of being bullied and calling a help line, I didn’t realize it also was for that Night of Hate,

the next line ,yes ,find that support rebuild the self esteem. btw good words ! so again my apologies.
as for bullying, not just physical, but mental & emotional, been there and it isn’t easy to rebuild unless you have support.
and why would they make a show like that anyway and make it funny??
I liked man living in our house slow for me the cast was great. loved Mr kim, watched that 3 times, still like Healer, just finished lie to me again, Watcher, was ok, just something missing.
so next time read them all before responding! so hope I am forgivin and have a great day!


I just watched D-Day - thanks to the Viki Bot - I was too … I couldn’t sleep - I kept watching and watching. I liked it, some things wouldn’t stand reality but it’s a drama fictional, so I don’t mind too much. Doctors and disaster a good combination for a bit of a thrill. Little romance - if you wanted to know.
(Guess how I feel about Viki Bot)

I started with big issue, looks quite stylish at the beginning.


I saw it and was so in love with it until the end…it felt like it would have a continuation or something kind of cold ending for me.


@angelight313_168 D-Day? I guess they wanted to close the circle from when they were running through the dust in the beginning holding hands to the end. But with all the other editing (cutting) closing ends for the other characters it fell a bit short.


This gives me the chance I needed to mention something about vikibot that has been bothering me from the beginning. All this time we all agreed that Quantity was not as important as QUALITY in the subtitles, we have here dramas that as you read the subs, they sound so horrible because they are using words that won’t sound right in a sentence; I call these ‘‘The domino effect,’’ one language is translated wrong, the rest will fall down and become a bigger mess.

Eng sub by vikibot: Get in safely
minuto 12:43 -Entra a salvo. (That is the correct translation for get in safely) The english sub was wrong (she wasn’t going in she was going somewhere(to her job) Why they used get in safely bugs me a lot.

It’s my first day today. (Although the English sub was right, the bot sub was translated wrong)
minuto 12:56 -Es mi primer día de hoy (spanish subs: Is my first day OF today).

This drama is no longer showing the Spanish subs but what the person who wrote the Spanish sub did, was write informal although it was supposed to be formal since the actor is a judge. Another thing they wrote PARECES (plural no such word only parece).
minuto 13:14 SE PARECES (no se escribe se pareces es: TE PARECE (informal). Pero él chico es Juez y a pesar de que los dos son jóvenes, ella no puede tratarlo de tú hasta más adelante. Por lo tanto, es SE PARECE ( trato formal).

angelight313_168 el**********_*** [/#comment-4532090029]

Lo sé, pero ‘’****’’ (y algunas otras subbers más), lo hacen aquí y en otros dramas también, afectando la traducción en español porque… ¿qué sentido tiene esa oración: te conozco de nuevo, Hyung? Es obvio que está mal traducida. Me molesta que los subtítulos en Español no tengan sentido cuando el sub en inglés estaban bien escritos.

[[[[angelight313_168] July 2019///comment-4532046086) I deleted the moderator’s name whom I let her know about the vikibot terrible Spanish subs in the drama. After that they started sending messages adding to the subbers to check the subtitles before adding them to the drama, something this particular subber COMPLETELY IGNORES. This subber leave the subs as is, and they never get edited bc to this day I see the subtitles in some of the dramas.]]]]

I know you’re there, Hyung.
Te conozco de nuevo, Hyung.
Characters left: 228
Save Cancel +1 Fill
**********46 | Jul 8
Te conozco de nuevo, Hyung

[**** tiende a escribir el suggestion a pesar que se le dijo que revisaran bien que los [’‘suggestion’’ estuvieran correctos. Como pueden ver en Inglés traducido al español dice:
[**** (subber’s name) tends to write the suggestion although she was told to check the ‘‘suggestion’’ was correct. As you can see in English translated to Spanish is:]]]]

(Spanish Correct SUBTITLE)Yo sé que estás ahí, Hyung. (Eng sub: I know you’re there, Hyung) By the way, I noticed that what throws off the tool suggestion translation is when they use contractions like here they used: you’re). I also noticed when they use the bot for English subs, they add way too many contractions that keeps throwing off a good spanish translation. Maybe someone in the research department can tell me if my theory is right.

NO… te conozco de nuevo, Hyung (Esto no tiene sentido). En inglés no dirían ''I know you again, Hyung porque no tiene sentido.

In my last sentence I wrote> Not…I know you again, Hyung (That makes no sense). In English no one will say: ''I know you again, Hyung because it makes no sense.


watching wanna hear your song, awesome drama, mystery, suspense, a bit of romance, its all there! the cast is awesome too. never got to watch D-Day, maybe if I find it I will watch


I totally agree and this is why I never pick the Swedish translation and always use the English. :slight_smile:

(thanks all subbers :heart:)