What are you guys currently watching?


I enjoyed it too. My boys thought it was tame. I think they preferred Train to Busan. Yoo Ah In is one of my favorite actors and he didn’t disappoint me. If you are a fan of Yoo Ah In, I strongly recommend Veteran. He was scary good.



Thanks I will watch it if I can find it (on ntfx?) I never heard of [Veteran] before. I did see him on Chicago Typewriter, and he was awesome and so natural there too. Your boys found #ALIVE tame bc they are used to that bc the zombie games they might/must play, are the scariest thing I had to watch while my son played in his play station 4. Oh my goodness, if I didn’t leave the room I felt I would have a stroke bc the games are so real looking and the zombies jump in the screen of theTV (I’m getting the shivers already) lol

I jumped and screamed just as much for TRAIN TO BUSAN but I have seen that movie 3 times already. I truly like it although it has its tragic and very sad parts. Both movies gave a decent ending so I love them more for doing that. In [the Walking Dead] they created a character just to kill it several episodes later so I stopped watching it.


I’m watching a movie right now: 37 Seconds. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just finished Flower of Evil what an awesome finale (although at 81% only subbed it was enough for me). LJK and MCW are the most perfect couple in this drama, and the child performance was beyond words. That small child did so much for this drama that I can’t even explain in words how amazing her performance was.

The rest of the cast were so in tune in their character, and did their part perfectly well. It was like they were born to play that specific role. I’m really happy about the whole outcome although the ‘‘amnesia thing’’ has grown thin on me in K dramas I dealt with it and let it take its course. Hope if u haven’t watched it please do so. You won’t regret it!



I watched this movie a long time ago and there were parts that made me sob so hard, and I felt so sad for days, but it does have a sublime message if we pay attention to it. Prepare the tissues…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I loved Chicago Typewriter too! Yoo Ah In is an absolutely amazing actor. I might have watched Veteran on Amazon. My oldest son who graduated with Film Studies degree told me about it.



a really sweet and cute little drama only 16 episodes with less than 45 min. Some may know I am not all for fluffy stuff, but cute and sweet is okay for me. You get it all at first even it’s a Chinese drama you get the typical Korean stuff. Starts off with like K-movie Mr. Perfect, I think was the name. Anyway noona romance with kisses and skin ship. A nice watch.


Well I an watching a lot of things - Hotel del luna , First romance , Love equations etc. I just finished Untamed because I heard it’s a good drama. Any other reccomendations?


Lots of things. Just started Love And Fortune (not on here though …).


I’ve heard a lot here that amnesia is a cliche plot in kdrama, but I must have watched at least thirty till now, and there haven’t been any amnesia plots, (except Melting Me Softly and Suspicious Partner, but those were supporting characters)
Could someone suggest some really good amnesia-based dramas?


Flower of Evil revived the memory loss cliché with taste bc LJK did an amazing job in a boring ‘‘memory loss’’ theme. That drama deserves many awards, and I hope they get the attention they deserve. I have never been so pleased in my life with a drama like with Flower of Evil.

Nothing is perfect and the wait for subs was a challenge but the drama was so good that I waited with gusto/pleasure. You won’t find memory loss in the new dramas, that happened a lot with dramas from years ago and the writers got the message ppl wouldn’t waste their times with stupid memory loss theme. I dropped many dramas with that theme so writers would get the message that enough is enough.

The most ridiculous dramas were when they lost the memory over a fall and got it back by falling down again or getting hit on the head. Oh, dear me! Bringing back such bad memories I’m banging my head to get memory loss and forget those horrible story plot of memory loss.

Btw, Secret Garden was based on a memory loss event.
Kill me, heal me had memory loss involved in the story.
But they worth watching.

THIS DRAMA EPISODE ! AND 2 I have laughed so much. You must see this crazy funny drama with my crush Choi Hyuk


I’m not into Chinese drama since it involves so many tragedies, but although tragic events do happen here, the ending is good; so hope you watch.


Still have to see the end of The Forest Of Love. Weird Japanese movie. Don’t watch it if you’re not into getting rid of dead bodies by chopping them and cooking the meat and putting it through a blender.


ewwwwww howww WHYYYYYYY :flushed::flushed::flushed:


It’s basically about some people making a “movie”. They film each other while being tortured. Strangled, electrocuted, whatever. When someone accidentally dies, they have to think of a way to get rid of the body. Well, it’s actually one person who orders them to do it. And later it happens again and then a girl has to chop and cook her parents … :nauseated_face:


Uhm… what the ?? :neutral_face:
Hahah I won’t be watching that movie :laughing:


Yeah, I’m not going to recommend it. It seemed like a fun movie at the start …


@vivi_1485 @feyfayer It turns out the movie was based on a true story! :scream:


The Wikipedia page on this guy is no joke…


When I started watching the movie I thought all the crazy things happening came from the mind of some insane screenwriter …

Oh, and apart from the movie there’s also a miniseries. Hmm … wonder who’s still eager to watch.