What are you guys currently watching?


:sob::scream: oh my goodness!! of any name in the world WHY would they name a movie like that “Forest of LOVE”!!! ughhh I’m definitely not going near that…though it’s sad to see how humans can even think of doing such atrocious things to other humans :flushed::sob:


Like they say - sometimes reality is scarier than fiction.


That’s what I was wondering … :thinking:

Didn’t see much love in it … Well, obsession perhaps. The main women characters had been in a lesbian version of the play Romeo And Juliet back in highschool, but the play never was performed, cause the girl who was going to play Romeo got into an accident and died. Ever since the girls talked to her ghost.
And then there was of course the conman who had many women …
But love? Certainly not the right kind.


So true. I used to work for a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court (8 years in criminal, 2 years in civil) and his wife was a fiction writer. She told me that she wished her books could be as interesting as what I hear in the courtroom.


True. Plus, sometimes we tend to diss writers fo ridiculous plots, but I remember the first hearing I ever went to (for school), which was a robbery case, and the robbers did so many ridiculous things that the whole class was practically laughing at the details of the case. The judge’s reactions made it even funnier (I can’t remember exactly what he said, but he couldn’t believe how stupid these robbers were).

The second hearing seemed interesting and heavier, but we were asked to leave the room as the case was discussed behind closed doors.


I stopped watching it when the girl killed the young guy while taking pictures and she chokes him to death. It’s a very sick movie and makes no sense of such violence. Lately they have this dramas that are so sick to look at like [Ratched] is very bloody, crazy and the only reason I finished watching was because I wanted to see if the main guy dies since he’s a psychopath, but I have to wait for season 2 to see how he ends. I want that psycho dead since he’s too sick for this world lol.


Indeed. And this one was even based on true events …

After that Murata orders her and the other guy to chop, cook and pulverize the body and put it into cookie jars. He makes her feel like she was the (only) murderer and blackmails her parents with the “fact” their daughter is a murderer, so that he gets power over them as well. And the parents also end up in cookie jars …


Record of Youth!


What is it about? Is it good?


It’s not on Viki. Park Bo Geum is the male lead.


And Park So Dam is the female lead from Parasite (that won the golden globe award) and she was main girl on ‘‘The princess and 4 Knights’’ I love her acting in dramas and her natural untouched by plastic surgery beauty.

The drama is going way too slow for me, and there’s little to no action in the drama. Like is getting to the point that you wonder if the writer is ‘‘all there’’ bc one story is not even halfway done when another meaningless scene emerges.

I can’t even tell if the scenes are real or not (I can’t explain in detail, for it will spoil the story for those who will be watching it later on). Is a complete turn off, and if a drama by the 8th episode doesn’t ‘‘wake up’’ ‘‘liven up’’ then, I think I’m wasting my time on this one.

His pretty face doesn’t do anything for me if he’s not showing his full potential here. I think I’m moving on to something else like ‘‘AWAY’’ with Hillary Swank it has 10 episodes and so far I’m on the 4th episode already, and I absolutely love it. and recommend it to everyone who likes space movies/dramas. It’s on ntfx…:slight_smile: Wished they had it here on to kick in the variety in dramas.


really?? I saw it on Viki just a few days ago tho idk where it went


I don’t think Viki ever had Record of Youth. It’s a new drama on Netflix.


trying to finish dr cutie


You probably were watching here at Rviki [My Dear Youth] - Coffee Prince documentary about the drama done 13 years ago.


Currently Maiden Holmes. I like it so far I am at Ep 19 ^^


The Forest Of Love: Deep Cut.

It’s basically an extended version of the movie, in 7 episodes. I still had some questions after watching the movie, but with the series everything becomes clear.
Still some sick scenes of course, so beware.


Has anyone watched on ntfx ENOLA HOLMES? This is Sherlock Holmes sister doing detective work/saving her mom. What is more AMAZING to me that she’s the girl from STRANGER THINGS, and she did an awesome character in that drama, with no hair and so boyish looking, and to see her with beautiful flowing hair was really nice. The drama is action packed just how I like them…:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Finished both today. :tea:


Just started My Husband Won’t Fit.