What are you guys currently watching?


yes I liked it, the guy you love to hate has bneen kidnapped and all, but alls well at the end. yes some parts were like I mentioned above, its the very last you jkust gotta watch, ah different director, so thats why it wasn’t as good as #1


BLACKLIST is on NTFX. I will skip to the end of stranger 2 bc I saw 3 and1/2 of part 4 episodes, and I fall asleep from the boredom lol


yes very boring in spots, ok go to the end then. let me know what you think


Can you believe I fell asleep again? I’ll try to finish it today. I’m watching right now Record of Youth and this episode [11 and 12] became very interesting to watch.


I have finished this drama in 3 DAYS! That tells a lot about that drama ^^
I should add that it was a long time ago since I binge watched a drama.

PS: I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


That’s such great news bc you sound very happy which hints i have nothing to fear about the ending. Thanx


Zombie Detective, 9-tailed, Chuno - bite sized pieces though, trying not to binge watch too much.


I was going to recommend Chuno to you because of Jang Hyuk.:wink: I am glad you found it.


:grin: Thank you - I am liking it a lot. I also recently saw Volcano High (his “TJ” days) I actually enjoyed it. It’s pre-Dae Gil b@d@$sery but he already had the chops and the form to be the star that he is today.


Well I was watching a show they have here of the 2018 awards, and they gave International Award to an Australian/ French Director? that did a 5 part mini series. It’s called BLACK MIRROR and today I saw STRIKING VIPERS. Is rated R bc it has sexual contents, strong language etc…IF YOU ARE OVER 21, I recommend you start with this one. Crazy story it is.

22 July is from Norway based on true life events. The book is titled ONE OF US but forgot to write the author’s name. It’s about a terrorist and the victims that survived although he killed 77 ppl.

Zombie Detective is finally full speed ahead and I love it.


other than zombie detective and its getting good! nine-tailed fox and yeah its getting good too! I am watching this Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

what a way to start a drama! was going to stop watching but decided to go on, yeah its good on the second episode, so will finish this one as well. wasn’t there another one something like this?


oh yeah another you have to look for, but it is good!! and my actors are in this one.


oh go on and binge!


Just finished Go Ahead, my first Chinese drama :joy: I loved it so, soooo much–at least the first 20 or so episodes. I guess I’m either too used to 16-hour kdramas or Chinese dramas just drag too long. I fell in love with every single character, especially Ling Xiao (he’s so HANDSOME!!! :heart_eyes:) Whenever they were happy, I was, whenever they were sad, I cried. I loved the way they portrayed family, I loved the reckless female lead, I loved the two single dads who would do anything for their little, non-blood-related family. It makes me want to have two amazing older brothers just like them! I usually don’t enjoy slice-of-life dramas but this one was an exception! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The only downer was that it dragggggeddddd so much in the 30-40 eps like I didn’t even care about some of the arcs :roll_eyes:
I loved the OST, the theme song was beautiful, even it’s lyrics were so apt and meaningful (thank you, translators, for the amazing job!!:heart::heart:)
SO in the end, I guess I’m going to stick to short 16-hour kdramas now… when I hear Korean now I feel like oh I know this language! :joy:


I will check out Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol just because it probably has some piano playing. All my kids are classical musicians so I tend to enjoy dramas with music. The other one I was thinking about checking out is Private Lives. Has anyone started on this one yet?


Black Mirror - I know people who are raving about this show. I think the “western” show that I was consistently watching before K drama barged into my life were " Bones" , “This is Us”, “Killing Eve”, “Walking Dead”, “Game of thrones” . A lot of people are recommending “Cobra Kai.” .I loved “Scrubs”, " Coupling" (BBC show) and I am a sucker for those “Paranormal reality shows”.

9-tailed - this is probably as close to “American Horror Story” as I can “compare” it to - I mean , honestly, it freaks me out - like “messes with my head” because of the malevolent supernatural bent to it and it’s dark but in a “sick” way. It plays with my “childhood” superstitions that I thought I had dismissed as an adult. I don’t know about everyone else…I’m sucked in though.

I will eventually branch out to C and J dramas…


It highly depends on the season and the episodes :sweat_smile: All of the episode are separate stories that have nothing to do with eachother, but take place in the same universe. So you can really like one story and dislike another one.


just started aran and the magastrate. guess what I seen!! the picture on the legend of 9-tailed fox is in the ladys wall , shaman,I was surprised is all, first episode


Arang and the magistrate is awesome! I saw it twice bc I had skip some parts and wanted to see if i missed anything.


to me I did like it too, I didn’t5 r54ealize who the guy was till I watched it thje second time! wow just wasn’t observant is all, but he played a good one here. and I am watching it for the 4th time.