What are you guys currently watching?


Just started Lost Romance, almost finished The Naked Director, still watching a few others as well.


I’m sorry but I loved The Naked Director! some parts were hilarious. It’s about porn; so please… if you guys want to watch it, you must not be underage!

I found some scenes so funny I was laughing throughout the day. This one was also based on a true story.


Recently I stared to watch My Dangerous Wife, Lie After Lie & Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

  1. Thriller is my element so I love the suspense and howdunit :heart_eyes:
  2. The story story starts literally with a lie which was expected but the drama has so much more to offer so I am really excited to watch the next ep ^^
  3. Fantasy & romance? Who doesnt like that! And we have also good looking actors/actresses where I love Kim Bum btw

Last week I finished Missing: The Other Side and I loved everything about it! The flow and storytelling of this drama was so good and they explained 100% of the story + can also have a second season if you ask me. I had also no expectation at all and was suprised many times in those 12 Eps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


yes! missing, would be great for another season, huh?? mp/s did you get close to tears when Thomas looked at the camera like straight at you and then opened that door and left?


i just finished 少女大人 this morning its one one of my all time favorite dramas istg the male lead was- SHIT H O T udveivew he was s o flirty like in e v e r y line i- id i was the female lead id pass out at least 20 times the kiss scenes too- that hit d i f f e r e n t i love the ending it was so beautiful like there was so many damn turns at the end it was almost hard to keep up but yea top 5 fav dramas ever istg btw its on viki too ( you’ll prolly see my comments- i was very expressive xx ) now im watching 凤囚凰 istg- its been one day I’m on ep 7 already I need a life istg but so far ngl its sorta boring buttttt i think it’ll get a lot better there have been some turns that were really good the female lead is gorgeous too also there’s s o many hot guys in that one- ptfff yuvwtuacwcuqfiyixq


I just finished Someday or One Day. Highly recommend it and I think it’s going to become my favorite Taiwanese drama besides Autumn’s Concerto. The first 2 episodes were a bit slow, but well worth getting through those for the rest of the episodes.


Same here :sob: I cried many times lol