What are you guys currently watching?


Didn’t write about Big Issue, the plus of the drama -
stylish, stylish, stylish, the minus of the drama - stylish, stylish, stylish, …
Sometimes I miss a thing or two in a drama that visually delivers well, the actors do a good job. It just doesn’t click - I almost dropped in the middle and then I still made it through. Not much regret though, I feel as if the last drama I watched with Jo Jin Mo was My Love Eun Dong and that feels like ages ago.

After that I watched Riders- Catch Tomorrow. Nice little drama no harm 12 eps, well if only the mother issue had been handled differently.

Next, I need to look around …


Is that the drama where the teenager falls in love with the younger girl? He wants to become a movie star so that he could find her after she moves away?

I finished watching Novoland: Eagle Flag, and I am upset about the abrupt ending. I read somewhere that it was supposed to have 70 episodes, but the episodes were cut down to 56 due to censorship (?). I felt like the story just climaxed dramatically at the end, only to have it suddenly stop. Why?? This is just like Tribes and Empires, where the drama was left unfinished…grr…



I don’t watch much Chinese drama, but know that there is some censorship going on at China. I think there is a thread here somewhere, if you want to look it up. Some genre was cut like time travel or characters with moral issues …


I am giving The Secret Life of my Secretary a try.
I am still in need for some “light fare”, hopefully this is it.


I just realized that when we recommend dramas we should do it based on the person’s taste in dramas and not what we like. We should add in the thread/comment the type of dramas we like, so that if a person has seen those types of dramas, they can recommend them to us.

I mainly like action packed dramas since I’m already over that romantic drama stage but many ppl. recommend to me those repetitive romantic stories that I already detest so much, to see the same thing/scenes over and over again.

If there is some romance in there, fine. But let there be other challenges not 2 or 3 guys fighting for the same ‘‘dumb’’ woman (even if she’s a lawyer/ judge they are portrayed as naive and clueless in their own careers!) Is that believable? Not to me.

Like when you guys see VAGABOND/ ARTHAL CHRONICLES those are my type of romantic stories romance and action mixed in them. I like The Great Show bc it involves corruption in politics (nothing new) but mainly bc those 2 handsome main and second lead, are my faves in dramas so I enjoy the drama (so far).

They do need to stop with those flashback scenes already! They are such a waste of time. Tell me, who wants to see the same scene in the next episode also? if they are making a flashback scene do it to discover something new about the story, not to see something we already saw and serves no purpose there. These dramas lately are full of these useless flashback scenes that gets on my last nerve!

I watch dramas from every country you can think of, as long as it has action too.


I’m watching Skylines now. At first I just wanted to take a short look but then it was so interesting that I continued watching several episodes at once.

It’s some kind of crime drama.


I finished El Hierro now. It was good. Not realistic in any aspect but still entertaining enough to watch all episodes.

I like stories in which the characters are realistic without that polished fictional biography some figures have.


I’ll check it out in a while. right now i’m eating rice and beans with pork roast came out delish…hahaha Thanks for sharing. You can’t see VAGABOND? That title doesn’t match the drama but the drama itself is awesome!


Yesterday Netflix suggestest Vagabond to me xD

(Before I thought it is some fantasy or medieval story but it’s thriller actually xD)

I may have a look, not sure yet because atm I’m not in a mood to read subs all the time so I’m mainly watching films in English or my native language.


I watched it and liked it a lot, it’s light but also keeps your attention, it was heartbreaking seeing him cry tho :no_mouth:

Did any of you guys watch Room no. 9? Did you like it?


Oh, yes I agree, “Watcher” was magnificent all-around - it broke into my top list, too. :smiley_cat: Presently I’m near finishing both “Melo is My Nature” and “Mr. Temporary”. If you like slice-of-life, in-depth characters and great storytelling, I definitely recommend “Melo” - I love it to bits, especially the Jeon Yeo Bin (documentarian) storyline. “Mr. Temp is quite good, too - although quite dark and heartbreaking. For me, Yoon Kyun Sang is a brilliant star, so I am completely captivated.

I was also gleefully pulled into two additional dramas this week, elsewhere (ODK). Thus far, I would definitely recommend “Miss Lee” and “Pegasus Market” for lighter-fare fun. Both have a sort of old-school feel to them, wacky humor, peculiar characters, seemingly mysterious situations yet actually just bizarre, etc. Fun for fun’s sake stuff.

Because you mentioned “Watcher”, I’ll also suggest along those lines, if you haven’t already seen: “Misty”, “Whisper”, “Stranger”, “Lawless Lawyer” to name a few.

And, by the way, do you (and others) feel that the ending of “Watcher” gave off a 2nd season vibe? I know it’s rare to happen, but if there can be a 2nd Romantic Doctor Kim, perhaps Watcher, too! :heart_eyes_cat:



I have not watched it yet, it’s on my list like Mother, Heartless City (I am not to good with violence on my screen these days), Misty, Chicago Typewriter, many more …


I only watched the first episode because the female lawyer’s attitude annoyed me to bits. I still want to give it another try though. I think I wasn’t in the mood for an arrogant character at the time I started watching it. However, the first episode certainly was mysterious.


I liked the actors a lot - I wished there were more Veronicas in K-dramaland. Anyway in the many dramas I have watched this is a first for me a company where there is a fight for the chairman position no one does any work actually. I liked the characters’ story but thought the frame, the writers put the story in to be a bit weak.


I watched Skyline (2 episodes) but is not for for me ( way too much talk), and the music wasn’t what I expected either, few notes of the same beat, and ppl. going crazy over that. lol

I couldn’t find the other one but I watched FURIE is from Vietnam and it was great to me bc I love the ending. This is about child traffickers and so far is the only one I’ve seen that has a good/satisfying ending. If you’re ‘‘squeamish’’ about blood and violence DON’T watch. The main character is a female and I love story plot that the woman is a fighter and a winner.


Yeah the music in that club. My thought was they just find it good because they’re all high xD

They talk less but theykeep the brother thing (it was annoying because most sentences started like this: yo bro…)

Besides that the way they talked was quite realistic. I was surprised that we had so many actors that appear typical for these scene because I didn’t know most of them so I wonder where these actors played before (I always feel that we don’thave so many actors so I’m surprised when I see some I’ve never seen before).

Did you watch it with subs?



Of course, I don’t know German lol



I just asked because for me it says English synced version as well^^


I am watching the short drama Gogh, The Starry Night.
Guess I am on a Kim Young Kwang roll.


Finished the 86 episodes of King Sejong and moved onto Misaeng / Incomplete life.
I’m really liking it. Well written, well acted, funny and serious.


Was the drama that took me forever too complete it, because I wanted to fully enjoy while watching, it was a drama, when I needed my full attention. I loved it.