What are you guys currently watching?


I’m watching Glitch about ppl who died in this town and have resurrected in perfect health! (on NfX), and here at viki I’m watching Welcome2life with Rain and The greatest show.


I’m really looking forward to Jack Ryan’s new season.

Did any of you watched I-land (Netflix show)? I don’t know if it is worth watching, the trailer reminds me to LOST.


I didn’t see much of Lost but I saw I-land a while back and I loved it so much bc it wasn’t fake. I saw a realistic thing that can happen in a future ahead. GLITCH the one about ppl who resurrect is really thrilling but very graphic with some blood scenes.


Yes, you do need your full attention. I watched 16 episodes in the last 2 days and I’m sad I only have 4 left T.T

Does anyone know any dramas like Misaeng / Incomplete life? I might have already watched some, but curious :wink:


You mean society, work related …
Young people finding their place …
Older people trying to keep their ground …
Something like that?


Sure :smiley:


With little/no (or still some) romance or family makjang?

With some limitation … Maybe, maybe not …


Thanks for the list! Many of them I haven’t watched yet.
Will add it to my forever growing list…
Btw, I loved Chief Kim as well :smile:


Can I share my drama list here.(from the mydrama list site I mean) I don’t remember the guidelines.


I also finished Novoland: Eagle Flag recently. I’m probably not as unhappy with the ending as you, but in some parts I also wondered about the censorship. Like I did not get the significance of the eagle flag at the end. Either I forgot some parts of the show or they cut it out so much that it left me confused. I read somewhere that they might have reduced the mention of Eagle Flag since it could also relate to the US. Not sure how valid this comment was.
Chinese censorship always let me yearn for a director’s cut or some way to see how the story was initially supposed to be told. So sad that the regulations become more and more ridiculous. But I do have to applause the creativity the industry sometimes uses to avoid censorship.
Back to Novoland: Eagle Flag, I felt since it was all about the journey, the friendships and the sacrifices one has to make, the ending highlighted this quite well. Apparently this is also the ending of the book, even though there is still the possibility that the author could continue the story one day.


Please request VAGABOND it’s one of a kind drama!!! \You will be so happy to see the GU family Book continuation with several reincarnations in another story, playing a now futuristic action packed scenes AWESOME!


angelight is Vagabond a sequel? So I should watch another show first to understand it?

I found a new Mexican (all the time Spanish atm haha) drama that is about the son of a drug syndicate in Mexico. It’s interesting, I just was too tired to watch more than 1 or 2 episodes yesterday, maybe you like it too. Title means The Dragon :smiley:

Are there several types of Spanish? I’m asking because this show seems to have simple and easy to understand dialogues but another show that was also Spanish was super annoying (also how it sounded and how the actors spoke) that I stopped watching it.


@ all

Do you also read the books to the dramas or only watch the dramas? (it seems many Chinese dramas are based on books).


I was confused as to who the eagle flag represented: Asule’s tribe, the Heavenly Samurai, Asule himself or Ji Ye?


I didn’t understand the significance of the last scene. Like, where did everyone go? There were also too many unanswered questions that I had. How did Ji Ye get to the grasslands fast enough to help Asule? Did Asule ever find out about the Empress’s marriage with Lord Baili’s son? How did he feel about this? Does he marry Suma instead? Is she truly pregnant or is she lying? Also, why did Yu Ran have to lock herself in the temple? She could be a leader without being locked away. What about Lord Li and his people? Does he get punished for trying to usurp the throne? Ugh, I am left with too many questions. I loved the friendship throughout the story though. What really hurt my heart was when Asule was sitting by himself and imagining that he was talking to the clan chief about his friends in the past. I felt that that scene was really powerful, especially since it showed Asule’s vulnerability.


I would love to read the books; however, many of them are online and have subpar English translations. If I could get my hand on physical copies of the professional English translation, I would! Also, I dislike reading books online. I need to wear glasses to look at the screen, and I tend to skim and skip lines when I read online. I really wanted to read Ever Night, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to understand the complexities and depth of the story through the translation.


VAGABOND the title they put on NFX but here it has another title and it’s suppose to have been here at viki sept 26 (that’s what i remember maybe I’m wrong)

Is not a sequel most of the same actors there were in the drama GU FAMILY BOOK if you saw that one you know what I mean the ending was hinting a reincarnation continuation, and that’s what it looks right now with Vagabond with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae. Check it out although you are into Chinese mainly you might like this one. It’s a spy/terrorist/ conspiracy action packed drama/show. So far is upto episode 6.

I rarely watch Spanish dramas with those themes I detest those drug syndicated dramas because they are the same story over and over again. I dislike the Mexican dramas in our days that is all about Narc and women trafficking/prostitution (except la Senora de Acero I told you about bc she was tough and fights back to get her kidnapped child). Like in Chinese dramas/movies the Mexican ones too most of the good ppl. die and the bad ones stay alive (something I detest to see lol).

I always mention that here the Mexican to English dramas/movies are difficult to understand bc they are so hard for anyone to translate, and most of the words/dialogue they talk are words that exist only in their country and we (if we are not mexican of course) find so difficult to understand what is their real meaning.

Like in Mexico, Friend is called CARNAL which in Puerto Rico where I come from means ‘‘my own blood’’ but on NTX they write carnal not friend so you stay wondering and some think is the person’s name but it really means Friend/my friend.


This is also a slang from los pachucos in LA during the zoot suit era. I read a play “Zoot Suit,” and it was riddled with pachuco slang and English. I had a hard time at first, but thankfully, my professor explained the definitions. The Spanish from the different countries is different, especially in terms of slang. For example, guagua in Cuba means the bus, while in another Spanish-speaking country it means child.


For real? A child? I was laughing so much when I read this. Guagua is also bus in PR. I have to tell you this I hope they don’t reprimand me here (you know the drama) I was in my 20’s and met a person from Ecuador and she said You want chicha? That in my island means: You want pu**y? I got red and wanted to slap the crap out of her (I was young…and a toughy) but luckily my mom intervened (she was the one who told her to ask me that) Chicha in her country means alcohol/rum but I didn’t know that either. In Ecuador they say bicho to the mosquitoes but for us that’s the word for the men’s ‘‘private part’’

Isn’t that funny? That’s why I don’t react like I used to, I just ask the person: What’s that? bc that in my country is…lol


I tried the first ep and decided to watch later (if the license will stay). It seems to be more cruel and harsh than I thought. No, actually I didn’t think too much about it, I just want to watch it most because of the cast.
The next I tried was Touch my Heart - I tried to watch it pretty late and it put me to sleep. I watched about 15 minutes without recalling much of the story, so I think it doesn’t seem that compelling to me - it’s something for much later.
Then I continued with 20th Century Boy and Girl and yes that’s a drama for me, I will keep watching this and after that I will take a little break as a viewer.


all I can say is me thinks a mystery afoot. Loose ends!! yeah a second one would be great to tie up those loose ends. for watcher,that is. there for a bit I thought our favorite guy was the killer!! so glad he wasn’t.

lawless lawyer was good, haven’t seen whisper yet, loved watching stranger. oh btw, and don’t get me wrong, but I thought I seen an ad for a second dr kim.
Room 9 is another I haven’t watched
Mr temp. I think is good, haven’t finished that yet.
misty I just didn’t get into it I am starting to watch Vagabond on Netflix. just gotta get through that first episode!!
Finally watching chicago typewriter, second episode coming up! a good start.
Lutra I have been wanting to see that gogh the starry night, where ? Is it in another link?
I also am watching glitch, I think its good so far,
welcom2life is my next one to watch!
I am watching Chief Kim again, this is so funny,cute, (3rd time)

I am watching that new one the marriage guys, in the Josun era, thats kinda cute, they set up marriages and stuff.
Been wanting to watch that Novoland:Eagle flag I will catch it after I finish up some of these I am watching, the item, golden eyes, etc,etc,etc. Have a great day y’all