What are you guys currently watching?


I watched it here, restricted on the other side of the ocean?
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I’m watching KILL IT. But my favourite was ‘Somenthing in the rain’, I loved it!


KILL IT is the genre I started to avoid, LOL I don’t know if I will be able to watch Room N° 9, I am 20 minutes into the 1st ep and already took a break, haha. I don’t have legal access to Something in the Rain, so I didn’t get to see it yet.


Something in the rain broke my heart during the vision. My first kdrama was Mr. Sunshine and I loved it so much. Since than I can’t stop to watch kdrama!


Yes, I lost track how many times I was certain that <possible spoiler!!!> Han Suk Kyu was the villain in “Watcher”, then I just knew he wasn’t, then I tripped up again, back and forth. So relieved by the end.

I definitely recommend Room no. 9 and Whisper for your list to watch. I have a clean slate, recently finished up Mr. Temp (suspend your belief and common sense for the ride) and Melo is my Nature (which is one of my faves this season) Now I’m delving into Hotel del Luna, Great Show and Melting Me Softly, all pretty fun so far!

Have a great day, too @frustratedwriter



I loved “History of the Salaryman”. Can’t believe it’s been over seven years since I watched it!
Such a marvelous cast too. I’m ready for Jung Gyu-woon to return to the small screen, it’s been two years since he was in “You Are Too Much”.



Having a second season of “Watcher” would be marvelous. The drama also made it onto my favorites list.
For anyone watching “Watcher” Dramabeans recapped the entire series.



You might enjoy watching “Money Flower”.


Beethoven Virus, protect the boss, finished boss kim,rookie historian(NF)


hmm, wonder if its on. the roku channel. going to have to look (Lutra)


Currently watching “When the Camellia blooms” (not on Viki).
Kang Ha Neul’s performance is great (different than what I’m used to).Gong Hyo Jin is always great.
It contains mystery (serial killer on the loose) and moments can you get angry at (villagers comments and actions). But also a lot of laughable moments. Liked it so far.

Oh, also watching Big Issue (almost finished) and heading onto the next Sageuk on my list. Don’t know which one I’ll pick yet…


Oh nice to hear! I already have it on my watch list but didnt start yet lol

Atm i am watching those dramas:
Love and Destiny
Loveeee the story so much rn and i am happy to see this on viki as well <3

My Girlfriend
Really funny atm but i have seen only the first ep so far

Secret Boutique
I just love revenge dramas and this is one of a kind because this is really an unfair life which the FL had so far so i am digging it

The Tale of Nokdu
I didnt thought that i would like it but i love the reserve role here

The Untamed
Really promising atm i am at EP 4 but i like the acting

Graceful Family
Great suprise if you ask me because i dont have any fave actor/actress here so i am really curious how the story will unfold

Melting Me Softly
Not really impressend, well… maybe i had to high demands? :confused:


Hey! Joining the conversation.

I’m currently watching Melo is My Nature and so far I really like it. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s different from all I’ve seen till now - drama and not. It’s relatable, a bit quirky, all the characters are lovable. Kind of like a Fight My Way/Friends cross-over if that makes sense.

I have to agree with @rose_shn, Melting Me Softly is enjoyable but a little bit of a let down. Probably too much anticipation but also a tiny bit too much exaggerated acting for my liking. Honestly, it’s the sentimental parts that catch me for now. There’s also some plot holes that I hope will get an explanation later on.

I also just finished Designated Survivor : 60 days (not on viki) and WOW! It’s an action/political drama which discuss pretty deep topics like “What’s the use of democracy?”, “Should we still have trust/hope regarding political entities?”. Even if that’s not your cup of tea, I can ensure you that you won’t get bored. Let’s just say that I almost had a heart attack in nearly all the episodes. And I also found my new favorite actor, Son Seok Gu. He really impressed me so now I have to watch everything he’s done. :sweat_smile:

That’s why I think I will watch Mother next. Has anyone seen it ?

Oh, and I’m catching on my to watch list with Bad Guys, the original one. But slowly because damn it’s dark!


Ok, that means I’m going to start watching it right away! Fight My Way is my favorite!!


Go for it, you won’t regret it!


Mother was really good! I watched it one year ago i think and i loved the plot very much. I have also cried a lot if i think back wow ^^ How time flies…


I wanted to watch Secret Boutique as well but it’s blocked…

How can you sub it into German when it’s blocked?



I LOVE WTCB but I’m so afraid of the ending. KANG HA Neul has been one of my fave young actors since --’‘To the beautiful you’’ then I saw his 3 other movies and I said to myself how unfair this asian companies are bc he deserves many awards. for Dongju I read the other actor got the awards and i was boiling mad. this was his masterpiece. Check them out.


Kang Ha Neul is one of my favorite actors! I saw him in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and afterwards, I kinda fell in love. His acting in New Trial is astounding. He does an amazing job really portraying his characters and getting the viewers to empathize with them.
I started When the Camillia Blooms, but I stopped because I decided to finish watching the other dramas on my list. I really liked episode one, but I am afraid of the ending from the previews we are getting in the first episode.
I also want to watch Missing Noir M. Kim Kang Woo is another favorite actor of mine. I saw him in My Husband, Mr. Oh! and I think he did a great job.


Really?! I’m definitely watching it then (with tissues by my side) ^^