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TO each its own. Respect the way others feel about that. Just bc you don’t care about tragic endings doesn’t mean others have no right to feel the way they do. It’s not a 12 YEAR OLD mentality, it’s different taste as to what we like to see in dramas, and what we/everyone rightfully is entitled to feel.
There was need for your comment: is not a happily ever after I’m looking for in dramas, is not to see so many tragedies in one drama with no happy ending. A sad ending MEANS a bad ending to many of us, and that’s our opinion.


Everyone has a personal taste :slight_smile: And who are you to judge, if this is a bad or a good taste? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I would like to transfer this to this topic, everyone can decide whether he/she prefers a “happy ending” or not and what is a “happy ending”.


If you don’t like what i said, that’s absolutely fine - But you can’t say “to each its own” or “who are you to judge” when i am also just expressing my opinion. As long as i am not oppressing your freedom of expression you say whatever you want but i do not have to respect or agree with your opinion and you don’t have to respect or agree with mine neither.


Actually, I am kind of happy they have some sad endings. I hate it when the ending is always expected. The guy always ends up with the girl, the leads always achieve their goals, all problems are solved, etc… I guess that’s why some people call it “Drama land”.
Although I don’t like unexpected tragedies because it can interfere with my real life events causing unexpected crying and depression in crucial situations, but in general I think a mix should exist; not all shows headed the same way.
Means I’m gonna check out a Chinese drama soon, any recommendations for a newcomer?


@tweet998 Maybe Nirvana on Fire?


Of course you don’t have to agree. But saying that our taste is “12-year-old mentality” is offensive and rude. (To 12-year olds too)


It’s not always like that. I watched many Chinese dramas and movies and the main leads usually did not die.

The anime I used to watch were way worse, because they had that “sacrificing” attitude in a deeper way than Chinese figures.

So compared to these anime the Chinese dramas are realistic without being too “sacrifice and death” focused.

I dislike stories that include war or tragedy and in the end everyone is happy and has a good life. That’s not how real life is so for me these happy end stories are just fake (and if you look at historic events you’ll see that the real persons also often died during fights or for other reasons like being murdered or so).


I NEVER said here DON’T watch Chinese dramas, did I? I only gave my opinion why I don’t like them bc they tend to kill the main characters or at least 1 of the main characters. Most Chinese dramas [I LIKE TO SEE] that catches my attention, do End up in tragedy. My last sentence was very clear.

‘‘I stopped watching Chinese dramas bc I couldn’t deal with all those tragic endings. It’s depressing.’’

It’s not always like that. I watched many Chinese dramas and movies and the main leads usually did not die

Yes, is not always like that, I discussed this with you before many times. Now at least they leave one (1) of the characters alive but alone. Especially the traditional or mystery Chinese drama that catches MY eye, always end up in tragedies (or are too violent for my liking).

@ tweet998 Means I’m gonna check out a Chinese drama soon, any recommendations for a newcomer

Some are here at viki/ NTFX, if you have it, check them out.

SHANGHAI FORTRESS (only 1 of all the wonderful characters survives) Too sad ending for ME. (Movie 2019) PREPARE the tissue box for this one.
The Naga Pearls where almost every character I laughed with and liked, dies.
Ashes of Love. (I forgot who dies here but there’s too much sorrow during the drama)
SWORD OF DESTINY This one really killed me with all those women dying.
Mojin the Lost Legend. (here at viki)
Candle in the tomb (main character don’t die but others do) Here at viki.
Lee Jun Ki (movie here at viki) Hate the ending on this one the most. Was sad for days.
RESET movie here at viki I hate that ending. It’s obvious what happened there. Hated the ending so much! OPEN/ENDED finale.
Snow Girl and Dark Crystal ( some scenes made me cry so much)
Bloody Romance (hated this one/ way too sad for me)
Ghostly Tribe (too violent)
Moribito Guardian of the spirit. (so much violence and death)
The Princess Wei Young (too much violence)
City of lo (a)st things This one is rated R/violence/nudity etc…
Detective K (I liked this one bc death was part of the story no choice there)
Sword of Master
Sword of Destiny
Trek Of Mountains
A home with a view (not too sure this is chinese) but very crude/violent. WAS suppose to be funny but it didn’t.
Shadow girl and Dark Crystal (cried a lot with this one)
Spring (main characters go through so much/ mom dies I loved her character)
Cuo Xi Yan ( saw it a long time ago was sad in many parts)
Legend of the white Snake.
Sanctuary. All characters I loved in the drama and wanted them to survive dies (no longer here at viki). I cried for a week bc of the sad ending.
Martial Arts of Shaolin
JET LI contract killer (if you are squeamish with blood you are warned)
Reign of Assassins
The great hypnotist (sad story plot)
Chronicle of love

These are some of the few I can remember right now that I didn’t like how sad they made me feel while watching the drama/movie. As you can see I DO, and have watched Chinese dramas/movies. What I do now like @somejuwels it’s that I search to see if it has tragic ending, and I won’t watch it. But I don’t go around saying/writing don’t watch this at all.

i do not have to respect or agree with your opinion and you don’t have to respect or agree with mine neither.

YOU HAVE TO respect the way others feel about things bc that’s when you cross the line with MY freedom of expressing the way I feel about something. You could have stated your OWN opinion/feeling without that so accusatory line of ‘‘having a 12 yr. old mentality.’’

THANK YOU so much @irmar this was well said.

Of course you don’t have to agree. But saying that our taste is “12-year-old mentality” is offensive and rude. (To 12-year olds too)


Spoiler Alert! Don’t read, if you’re afraid of spoilers!
Before anyone complains, this is just a simple google doc :slight_smile:


I thought about taking a break, but started with Doctors …
I don’t think I will be that quick with this one.


YOU HAVE TO respect the way others feel about things bc that’s when you cross the line with MY freedom of expressing the way I feel about something.

Then why are we even having this discussion? Shouldn’t you HAVE to respect my opinions and feelings as well? Your logic is flawed. No one is obligated to express themselves in a way that caters to your feelings - If you truly believe that I “HAVE” to do so, aren’t you trying to oppress my freedom of expression? You can call me a jerk for being rude, fine, but you can’t demand everyone to respect your opinions - Nobody is obligated to do so.


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: THE END. Peace be with you.


The problem I have with some Chinese dramas is not that the main character dies, it is that the main character dies an unnecessary death. As a writer myself, I lean towards “unhappy” endings or characters because that is how my writer mind works–I find more emotion and power in an ending that doesn’t always go as planned. However, as a watcher of dramas, I like to see the characters that have gone through so much struggle receive some sort of recompense. I will tolerate a death of a favorite character if the writing and plot line absolutely require it. Sometimes, Chinese dramas go on a ‘character killing spree,’ where all of the main characters die for no acceptable reason (at least, not acceptable in my mind–their deaths were not ‘believeable.’).
Granting You a Dream-like Life (the shootout in the end felt like all of the characters died unnecessarily)
I Will Never Let You Go (okay, the death scene was totally unbelievable–the hero was able to defeat all of the hardships, and suddenly he just decided to die? Not cutting it for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Possible Spoilers:

Two Cdramas where I actually expected the hero to die are Novoland: Eagle Flag and Ashes of Love. I really thought Asule was going to die–the way the plot is written seems that way, and honestly, I was okay with that as long as he died for something he believed in. In Ashes of Love, I felt that the only way the characters could get even with each other is if both died.

Most of the time, as viewers, we watch dramas for fun. Some people watch to escape boredom, their hard life, stress, etc. I can understand why they would rather see a happy ending where all of the characters have achieved their goal and have discovered their own happiness. Actually, watching all of the depressing cruelty in a drama can seriously be unhealthy. There is a dark Kdrama that Lee Dong Wook recently acted in where the creepiness was too much that people stopped watching because it was too dark (I’ll try to find the article, but I read it a couple of weeks ago, so I have to dig for it).To be honest, sometimes I want to watch a happy ending.

Really, a taste in endings is somewhat subjective.


The ending was unexpected so it was a nice surprise (I also thought both would die).

@ angelight

The only one who lost her lover in Ashes of Love was the side character (demon princess), he died in a mix of sacrifice and torturing because he didn’t want to become the tool of the evil characters. In the end there was some kind of justice and the evil characters got punished, some in a very subtle but cruel way (like punishment in fairy tales).

It’s a genre matter as well plus story direction. Seeing all the happy and successful characters can be depressing too, especially if one doesn’t live a happy life.

As I mentioned earlier I’m watching El dragon atm. It’s more a drama than a syndicate crime show and includes unexpected heavy topics, some are shown in a very realistic way. On the other hand it has that typical facile main character: losing his beloved fiance by commiting suicide because of uncurable disease and then short after that he’s sleeping around while saying “she” was the only one he loved…his life…

Or another character in another show sleeping with a colleague and next day telling his girlfriend she’s that one woman of his life and how much he loves her…


In none of the Chinese films/shows I’ve watched a character behaved like that - but that is probably a question of moral and ethics - and sadly enough these Western stories just show the non existing ethics and moral too many people have these days while many Chinese stories try to keep some kind of ideal alive.

The dying aspect also occurs in Western films/shows (several of my favourite characters, sometimes even main characters) died.

So for me the question usually is if a story and its characters are logical within its nutshell no matter if I want a character to live or to die.


Those who know tales of H.C. Anderson or other European tales will know lots of sorrow, tragedy, loss and cruelty and these stories are often told to young kids.

Few examples:

Story about cannibalism of own brother/son (Machandelboom)

Poor kid dies during Christmas while trying to sell matches (Den lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne)


The Disney versions are always happy like Arielle with prince in the end instead of mermaid without prince and lost voice, own death instead of killing the prince but some mercy in the end by goddess of air (origin version).

Many Chinese stories include spiritual and philosophical aspects that are rarely found these days. That’s what makes them special; they force people to face certain aspects and think about certain deeper topics while the visuals may look amazing like a wonderland (e.g. the setting and costumes in Eternal Love (Peach Blossoms) or Ashes of Love (Ashes of Love even has a river like ancient Greek tales (Lethe).

So if our tales are mostly forgotten in these days of modern societies seeking for entertainment at least some Chinese writers and producers keep a glimpse of it alive.


In quite a few dramas I have seen, the characters have concubines or mistresses–I’m not talking about the historical dramas. In My Mowgli Boy, one of the side characters is a one-night-stand kind of girl, jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend. Eventually she meets a great guy, but she has to let go of her habit of dropping men like hot potatoes. Keeping a mistress or having several guys has been around since forever and this practice is not limited to Asian cultures, but it is a worldwide issue.

Many current Western shows do have characters sleeping around, but to what extent the movies influence the culture or represent it, I don’t know. I just think that not everything the drama shows us is the truth in terms of culture and its ideals. To me, this especially applies with Chinese dramas because of the censorship by the government. They show what they want to be shown; maybe that is not how the people are…

A well-written story/ movie will always do that. I think of the Cdrama Goodbye My Princess and its theme of betrayal, lying, love, and punishment. I spent days thinking about whether the princess should love the crown prince after all he did to her, and whether he was even deserving of her love. Anyways, a side note: a main character dies in this one too, but it was kind of inevitable.

Surprisingly, many Western movies reference Greek mythology and other literature and cultural things. I haven’t watched a modern Western movie in a while, but there are plenty of Western movies that uphold ideals as well as the Asian ones. Maybe the focus is different; there is also the issue of cultural difference and differences in ideals.

However, yes, mindless entertainment doesn’t help educate or build up a society. I believe that a great story told in a great way will last a long time, regardless of difference in era and culture and time.


I’m finally getting around to watching What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? I love super simple romcom premises. I actually watched Touch Your Heart before this one and they feel like the exact same drama. Which is fine! Both are hitting the spot!

I recently tried While You Were Sleeping and Oh My Ghostess, but dropped them both. I tried watching them for a while, but I just got annoyed by everything the characters did!


of course NF, been wanting to watch when the camelia blooms. Been wanting to watch designated survivor, started watching Vagabond, I read somewhere theres a sequel to bad guys, the original,wish I could watch Missing Noir again, but blocked here

angelight313, well said!
Chinese dramas are ok, some bad some good, the ones that transported back in time again some bad some good. but for heavens sake , why 50-60 episodes? where 30-40 could be enough.
Why I do love the Chinese dramas are the costumes and how they “fly” course I know with ropes & pullies.
I do like happy endings like some of you mentioned. one thing I don’t like, are endings that leave threads, not completed for me, not just Chinese but the others too, _ guess in a way I am saying better endings to some of them. and some of the endings had to end like it did, yeah upset me (kill it, Lock out,chief Kim, ashes of love,) and the Chinese love story )
so many to mention, one of my favorites was healer, loose ends again. oh one more thing, person you knocked 12 year old mentallity? have you been around those 12 year olds?? hehehe, with me being as “young” as I am, I cannot believe how smart those kids are today!_our mentallity is just fine


master sun (again) oh my ghostness,protect the boss, want to watch the queens man, but its not here. watching Vagabond on NF,ashes of love. may find a time travl eone to watch, doctor, Jin,or something else. while you were sleeping, something is missing there, as for oh my ghostness didn’t really care for the ending, another person gone for a year then gets back into relationship> don’t think so same for I remember you.


I think there is always a difference between real people and fictional characters.

Chinese e.g still value family bounds more, it’s more traditional than for Germans, both ways have advantages and disadvantages in real life.

The Chinese government uses TV shows as a tool to teach their people (that’s why now they want more scientific and modern stories so less fantasy is allowed).

I know some Chinese who are living in China, they say the control over TV productions by gov’nt is higher than the control over novels, so they either only read novels by recent Chinese authors or watch US mainstream shows. They dislike Chinese productions because of the government aspect (and e.g. changes compared to the origin novels).

For the USA violence is okay but nudity not. For Europe nudity is okay but violence only within certain limits.
French TV productions are able to criticise chemical companies and the consequences for the population because of certain chemical products while German pharma lobby tries to block even 50, 60 year old incidents… (European productions of other countries than Germany include often deeper criticism than German productions. Some German journalists only publish anonymous about daily topics like ‘Why not everyone wants to put the own child into kindergarden with few months for working again’. Some German journalists call it German self censorship.)

I’ve been watching international productions my whole life and I agree that we had great Western films/shows in the past that contain spiritual and philosophical aspects but today it’s mostly just a scratch on the surface.

If you want to find a visualized story with spiritual and philosopical aspects on a similar deep level like e.g in Eternal Love/Peach Blossoms you have to look at games instead of films/shows.

World of Warcraft (online game) includes a wide range of myths and legends world wide and also spiritual and philosophical aspects. One of its addons was mainly focused on spirituality (Mists of Pandaria). Some players quit because they said they wanna have fun and not want to think while gaming and some stayed and said they learnt a lot through this addon.

(The game needs much more time than watching a drama so sometimes it’s more relaxing to watch a show than playing a game)


OMG I’m watching NOW AND FOREVER a Korean movie about love at first sight and they both have a incurable disease and both are dying now. Unreal.