What are you listening to?


I hate the GEMA, here Germany. But I'm lucky because I have my source, which can get I anything. smile Do you have any clips that you specifically want? If it is legally downloaded clip, I can spend here? If not, can I send for you privat.... smile


I see that I can't see B.A.P????


B.A.P - Angel


And F.T Island: Madly


I really like this song of Ft Island !


This is my favorite smile


currently listening to these lovely songs. addicted! especially put videos that hopefully you all who have those youtube laws can see :wink: except for 1…

and these songs from surplus princess ost !
broccoli pinata- (back doesnt love malrodo? i think)

lalasweet- I need to tell you something


I love this song (the drama :p)


Morning everyone!

This song got stuck in my head, and there is something that irritates me about it… but I also like it. Go figure

I found out I’m an F(x) fan. . . kinda surprised me .


I watched You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook and I’m in love of this version of the song “I dont’ wanna love somebody else” sung by IU !


Oh I’m just obsessed with BTS. Right now, these 3 songs:

Danger, War of Hormone, Let Me Know

I also got addicted to

B.I.G: Hello

SPICA: You Don’t Love Me


Well here are the flavors of the day, but who knows how long will they last, i tend to change the songs i listen to pretty often, mostly because i get obsessed with a particular song or songs and i can’t turn it of or listen to anything else for awhile but then along comes another obsession and the old one is quickly forgotten. But i like to recycle so they all eventually find their way back to my playlist.

Red - Hymn for the missing

Ryan Star - We might fall

Ellie Goulding - Figure 8

The Fray - How to save a life

Tuesy ft. Souf - Si Seulement

Ok that’s it from me folks :smiley:


all i can say is ERROR. My GOODNESS.


I’m still on a F(x) kick. . . There is something about this song I really dislike, but I cannot stop listening to it.


Feeling like a cheese ball. . . .


i LOVE this song.


Still even a month later I still like this song!

I have 3 new songs in my head . . .

Next. . . It’s a classic!

This song is quite poignant . . .


I pretty much listen to everything. I do go through times where I will listen to everything of a particular artist. I am really just getting into kpop, thanks to dramas. Right now, I am all about CN Blue though. The music is just good. I listen to Onew’s "in your eyes’ from To the Beautiful you because it is pretty. There is a song from Hotel King ost called “Hurt” by Kim Jin Ho. Like @angeee said, mine changes although I have some artists such as Beyonce and Bruno Mars that are always on replay for me. Hmm…I forgot one, I would not say I am about the Jonas Bros. but I am loving Nick Jonas’ ‘Jealous’.


Yes, this song is one of those once you hear it, you “can’t stop” listening to it. Pun intended.:slight_smile: I do like this one alot.


I really like Cn Blue too ! In live, they’re the best !


Currently, listening to Yonghwa’s “you, my star” and am planning to buy some more music so will see what else I am in mood for