What are you listening to?


I’m a fan of all the artists of FNC. They’re really talented and I like their music !


I love kpop and my recent favorites are Boys and Girls by Zico and For You by EXO from the Moonlovers OST, but anyone a Panic! At The Disco fan here? Love the new album!!


Still rocking my Jay Park! I have to buy CNBLUE’s new album. :slight_smile: Recently, as far as, non-Kpop. I have been listening to Travis Garland covers. I like his voice. I just found out about Jordan Fisher and Alex Aiono. I have only seen those last 3 on YT.


I have to buy CNBLUE’s new album too. I would like the DVD of the Kingdom Concert, I love the see/hear the interactions between the FNC artists !

In non-Kpop, I’m going to see the concert of Emeli Sande this Saturday ! It will be the 4 times, I love her :smiley:


ATM, I’m listening to Jungkook Work. Going through a playlist rn.:ok_hand::100:


This song is so catchy, love it already and that Jaejoong is in the MV is a plus of course :heart_eyes:
:notes: :musical_note:



Because it’s the end of Hwayugi, gratz my friends :clap:
(Got the ‘Let me out’ song in my head everytime crazy volunteers sang it)

I’m not a robot song thanks to a Viki friend too!

Jugglers romantic song (not available in France, oh why :sob:)

Because :penguin: is sick, don’t drown :fish::
“I know it’s not the truth when you say I’m fine”
“Are you the definition of insanity?”

When I feel like I need some motivation to contribute:

The last Korean female artist I’ve found the voice very soft:

The male voice that I find relaxing late at night:


And I’m listening the same thing again and again in singing for my beautiful viki friends :slight_smile: You like my voice, right? :stuck_out_tongue: The sick penguin can even sing! :slight_smile: Nothing can stop me! :penguin:

Oh and this one too :slight_smile:

No… Not kpop :slight_smile: XD


Les beaux yeux de la mama ! Jpp de la bohème, épargne-nous !

Kendji Girac - Les yeux de la mama (English translation from

The Eyes of My Mother

When I am cold

She becomes the light

Like the sun in existence

When I am hurt, she becomes the prayer

She tells me everything in silence

When I suffer

She suffers with me

When I laugh, she laughs out loud

My songs are often for her

She will always be my miracle

When I’m not at my best

She lifts me up higher than the sky

She is the most magnificent of them all

She is the sap (life), she is the honey

Her blood is running through my veins

And hundreds of memories

Cradle my heart with thousands of stars

She is my quest, she is my grail

Oh my God, leave me

My mother’s beautiful eyes

Please relieve me of the rest

But not the sweetness of her gestures

She bore me before the world

She still bears me each second

She will take me with her

I will always be faithful to her

When I am hurt, she is sweet

Like a caress in existence

When I give up

She becomes the lioness

And I get up with patience

When I have the delusions of grandeur

She brings me back without hurting me

She is in this infernal world

My star among the stars


Bruno Mars, BTS, and Jay Park are constantly on repeat.

Hwayugi OST- Believe by Mackelli and When I Saw You by Bumkey

Suspicious Partner OST: Ra.D

Beautiful by Crush

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Daniel Padilla

I am listening to James Reid Randomatic and Babilik

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato

As Long as I Live by Toni Braxton


I am listening a lot to MONO by RM lately, his lyrics and melodies are beautiful and very deep. Check it out if you want some quality content :kissing_closed_eyes:


Keshi - 2 Soon

In love with his music.
His bio:


Yesterday the Netherlands won the Eurovison Song Contest for the first time in 44 years. The last time before was in 1975.


Listening to Polongo Jesu a fantastic choral music

Download Polongo Jesu sheet music here:


Anything and Everything from John Park. This video is from the OST for “Babel” (2019).


I am listening to:



Alex!!! Too old to be fangirling, but I don’t care, lol.


These days I listen to music produced by Conny Plank, he was born in a village near my hometown and the city is thinking about naming a place after him. Would be great!
He died way too early I sometimes think about all the musicians he could have influenced … There is a documentation made with his son, if you get the chance to see it and are music freak like me, try it.
Tried to get a video here but it wouldn’t play, so here is the group’s name and title - Freur - Doot Doot - you might have never heard of. It’s not a number one hit but was used in a few tv series. Anyway, it’s not listed as a Conny Plank production but it is mentioned how in the documentation how he created the sounds for this song.
He made music a new sound experience. Maybe you know Ultruvox - Vienna? He was the man behind the sound.


I really love his voice. It shocked me to learn he is/was? a smoker.