What are you listening to?


When Korea’s top CEOs are vying for your attention :sweat_smile: :heartpulse:


Hahahaha, PSY …


Recently I’ve been listening to a lot, mostly these songs:
Hellevator - Stray Kids
God’s Menu - Stray Kids
Love Killa - Monsta X
Love Shot - EXO
Daisy - Pentagon
Dr. Bebe - Pentagon
Louder than Bombs - BTS
Losing You - Wonho


Henry! Never disappoints!


Ztao :heart_eyes:


Is “If We Love Again” Korea’s national sad romantic song??
I’ve heard so many covers of it, and 18 Again has two singers singing the same song! Originally sung by Kim Feel for the movie Late Autumn.
Of course, my favourite is Chen and Chanyeol’s duet version. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Brittney is in the news! Now I’m listening to her!



Gute Nacht! Good night! Bonne nuit!


Just read the other day about her and the conflicting conservatorship (which is really wrong and most likely abusive). Brittney doesn’t fit the bill of being incompetent, Im watching a documentary and the info is very shocking. I really hope she’ll get her belongings back, she worked hard and owns it…

This is another song I like, I saw Brittney with my daughter longtime ago when she did the Onyx Hotel tour concert.


I agree she is no dumb dumb and people have been controlling her money and life and decisions for way to long. She worked hard and was a child star. This happens a lot and it shouldn’t.


How funny! ‘My Darlin’ Clementine’ played beautifully on violin. plus other song bites.

Happy New Year of Ox.


It did not happen because she was a child it happened later, when she was an adult, I think she even had her kids. She was mentally unstable at that time and I forgot if there were other things involved. But yes if a let’s say a patient does all she can to get better and over the years proves herself, she should slowly get her rights back and not only the duties.


Her ‘keepers’ don’t want to let go of her money. If she were broke, they’d let go immediately.


I listen to this song a lot!


if she would legally disown her father wouldn’t there be a way to remove him… he would have legally no relation to her. I can’t believe this abuse is quite spread and judges and lawyers do often under table dealings, not only in Korea as we see in dramas, but I have witnessed it myself, it’s like politics and yes money talks still :frowning:


My #1 All Time Favorite Band!



I LOVE this song!