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This is an old song from 1971… the late Judith Durham from The Seekers sings an absolutely brilliant cover of “Climb Every Mountain” in the style of “1960s pop meets jazz waltz”. When she unleashes her vocals, her performance gives me goosebumps.

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Perfect for cleaning (and other things around the house).


The fact that Marvin Gaye, and Jackie Wilson got sung of by The Commodores!!! The music vein is strong!

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Subtitles are ~1.7secs too early. Translation is wanting.


♪ My love ♪
♪ My love ♪
♪ My dearest love ♪
♪ My dearest love ♪
♪ I’ve been longing for a relationship, which shines in darkness ♪
♪ been struggling to fulfill this poor girl’s extended desire ♪
♪ as a rain drop will submerge into the sea ♪
♪ Sweetheart ‘O’ Sweetheart ♪
♪ would you be able fulfill this anxious girls desire ♪
♪ Would you accept me? ♪
♪ revere, will it revere ♪
♪ will I be able to witness this beauty? ♪
♪ will I get defeated? ♪
♪ Does the soil shy-away at the grace of raindrops ♪
♪ what would they say, if we get together ♪
♪ Vision ‘O’ beautiful vision ♪
♪ your love has blown me away ♪
♪ It inspires me ♪
♪ hope I’m able to get over the desire of sleeping on your shoulders ♪
♪ you’re the untold secret which the world is eager to know ♪
♪ Thought of you when I’m lonely ♪
♪ re-doles with the scent of you ♪
♪ everything seems to fall in place ♪
♪ like the rooster which doesn’t fail to doodle ♪
♪ ‘O’ the skies of summer, seems like its spring ♪
♪ even the isolated forests clatter with noise ♪
♪ My love, dearest love ♪
♪ our lives are taking a new shade ♪
♪ It’s changing ♪
♪ Our relationship ♪
♪ is getting jeopardized like the split of an atom ♪
♪ It’s happening ♪
♪ will this heart bear the meaning of a heartless language ♪
♪ Is one life enough to live with your forever ♪

Based on her February 21, 1997, Larry King Live interview, :notes:Simply The Best!:notes: At time stamp 25:00-45, is the song she loved the best! At time stamp 17:11 -20, she mentions the movie, Mad Max.

RIP Tina Turner :frowning: I grew up with her music and as soon as I heard the news I was like let’s listen to her music again. This performance was one of my favourites as a young girl.

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