What are your views on dating today?

The stresses of every day have been hard on us. Do you think that dating should be so hard on individuals? Can women meet a good man by being more aggressive in meeting them?

Definitely, Men are very simple. If you give them a reason to actually try they will. Just like women men like women who are sure about what they want. Don’t be to aggressive just be confident. Wish you luck:)

I think women should not be aggressive in the things they do such as dating can it send the wrong message. As for being the best women I can be well that should be the goal of every women. The looking for the right man I find it just interesting to see the things a man will say to impress a women. A man having a kind and good heart is always best. The message of the discussion is only for opinions and not trying to find no one.

Not necessarily ! But some time it works… if the guy is much more shy than the girl… Isn’t it ?