What brought you to Viki? kdrama, j-dorama, t/c-drama, anime, other?

My obsession with all things Asian started with Sailor Moon. From there I went on to other anime, but what actually brought me to viki, was the k-drama. I was introduced last fall by my cousins, and I’ve been addicted ever since. I’m just curious to know where your viki journey started.

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k-drama brought me to viki. i was introduced by a friend of mine who lives in the same dorm with me. she was also new to viki, then i decided to give it a try, and i’m satisfied and from that moment, i become addicted.

kdrama. theres a realy great selection here. I hope they add some older ones too. At the moment theres not too many Jdramas because networks in Japan havent got used to the idea of licensing overseas to online networks. Hopefully that will change soon

I definitely think the kdrama selection is excellent, and as a qualified contributor, I get so much more out of the site than before. Go VikiPass!!

twdramas because i couldn’t find it on youtube, but now i watch more kdramas here.

I was searching for an app where I can watch tv from my phone . And then they suggested Viki . When I tried out I found out it has kdramas and my kdrama addiction which had a break for years began

So you used to watch them, took a break, then came back and got hooked again? Mmm, that’s a true addiction, alright.

I just wanted to help sub shows from my country into English. I barely watch anything on Viki. I’ve watched one Turkish show and started another.

That makes you much better than most of us. I salute you! :smiley:

LOL I started off with Sailor Moon too!! :stuck_out_tongue: K-Drama brought me to this site I can’t even remember what drama it was I’ve watched so many now. The anime selection here not so good I go elsewhere as well as the jdramas I find have to also go here and there but I love the running head comments and the different groups/room I pop into here alot of really nice ppl!!

I think those comments are one of the best site features. If BOTC was here, we could curse JK for answering that phone call about his grandmother in real time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish BoTC was on here I can just imagine what I would be posting!! LOL

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I think I can imagine, too. LOL

My sister introduced me to kdrama, so to viki :smile:, I saw with her “Your Beautiful” and because I loved that drama I decided to watch another one and another one and I became addicted to kdramas.

I knowwwww
While watching the drama i have imaginary timed comments in my head lol

K-dramas! Here the episodes are more faster uploaded than at others sites. I know, without eng subs, but who care if you literally dying from waiting hahah. Also, it’s faster to watch online here than download full episodes from forums and connect it all together with a programs. When I join to Viki community, k-dramas often been not fully translated into my native language. I know English to such an extent that I understand movies with an eng subs. But you know… It’s nicer to watch it in my native language :slight_smile: So… That’s how I started to translate dramas and music chanels :slight_smile: And now, my language is quite popular here so that make Viki better for me :smiley:

That’s neat! Which language are you talking about?

I’m talking about Polish :smiley:

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