What celebrities or famous people have you met in real life?

If you have ever met or seen famous people in your real life?

  • Byun Wooseok (변우석) and Kim Hyeyoon (김혜윤) - I saw them as they were filming a new drama that’s supposed to come out this Nov. when I was visiting the Hanok village in Jeonju this summer. Can’t wait to watch that drama!

I met a celebrity! :grinning:

Links to the star's images from online

So many! ! Plus there are more!? How exciting, you my dear, are certified, and licensed when it comes to meeting celebrities irl! Pretty AaaMaaZinG! :grinning:


Very cool, @leerla73!

There were a few more but they are not as famous and I even forgot most of their names.

Here’s another one I just remembered.

Lee Sang-yong (뽀빠이 이상용) - He is known as the Korean Popeye way back when, and he was an MC at an event I had participated when I was a child.


I am not sure if You are aware of Brad hogg, He/s a famous cricketer from Australia. I have met him on our College Campus


I don’t know him, but that’s still pretty cool!

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