What dramas/movies do you watch aside from those from Korea?

I’m just curious, what movies or dramas do you watch aside from those that are from Korea?
It’s just that I think people here watch nothing but Korean dramas or movies.
What do you think? Do you watch other dramas/movies from other countries too?

Yep ! I really like Taiwanese drama and movie and some of them are even better that some Korean Drama. For example : Fated To Love You, Ohmygod this drama is so hot ! Or “Just You” very popular in Viki. They are both Taiwanese. An other one “Material Queen” for me one of the best Asian Drama.

I loved Fated to Love you! In Time with You was great too !

There are japanese drama : Nodame cantabile, drama with Oguri Shun :stuck_out_tongue: , etc.

And I watch a lot of american tv shows : Person of interest, Game of throne, once upon a time (captain Hook is really sexy lol), etc.

It’s mostly Korean or Taiwanese dramas, with the occasional Japanese, Chinese, or Hong Kong dramas. Then there are some American and British series that I sort of follow.

I’m sure people watch a variety of things, but since the big draw of Viki is probably the K-dramas, that’s what you’ll hear most about.

I watch a lot of Thai Lakorns (shows/dramas), Taiwanese (it’s been a while though), and some Japanese drama (also been a while). Kdrama is a coveted love. ^-^