What happened to my "history" and view list?

I used to be able to look at a history of where I left off on a video but it seems to be gone now. I also had several dramas in a watch list that I can no longer find. I find Viki can be a hassle when I can’t easily find what I was watching.

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Hi there!
Unfortunately the old history is no longer.
Here is a link with a statement of Viki.
Hope it give you the information you are looking for.

It’s not the same but have you noticed the ‘see all’ next to the continue watching.

Just in case you haven’t noticed it and clicked on it yet…
I actually find this list easier to navigate than the history, it’s all on one page and it has many shows that I start and stop that were no longer in my history. You can edit this list to take completed dramas or ones you started but no longer want to continue.

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Thanks for the replies. Some of the interface changes do not seem to be an improvement in my opinion. Time will tell if my “continue watching” will stay where I left off.