What happened to the option to view all user comments on a video?

There used to be an option to show every comment on the side of a video. Now I can only view the popup comments at the top.
I refreshed the page and the option was gone. Did something happen?


I noticed that too as I was watching a drama today. There’s only the option to add a time comment or close the whole thing but no longer we can see the box on the side with comments. Maybe is a temporary thingy going around. They are making changes so we need to wait and see…:slight_smile:

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I think it depends on the browser/platform.

I am having the same issue.

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All the browsers that i use(Firefox, Opera and Chrome) are having the same issue. Only the viki app will show all comments. Do you use a browser or the app?

I use a browser (Opera).
I vaguely remember that I used to see it when I was using Firefox with Flash enabled?
But I really didn’t care for that, it was confusing, so I just swept it from my mind. Sorry!

Not sure what’s going on, but I hope the option comes back soon. The comments were the main reason I used viki.

The comments are still there. They are on the top of the video. What she was referring to was something from a long time ago, when at the right of the video you had a vertical bar with ALL the comments, even the ones written at the same time as someone else’s (because for the top ones, only one can be shown at any given time). From there you could also upvote them etc.

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There’s an official reply from an admin/mod in the Bugs and issues forum stating that the Waterfall mode will no longer be available on the Viki website. He told us to post on the Viki Ideas forum to bring back the feature. He also said “The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized”

I have already made a thread in the Viki Ideas forum regarding this issue, so please follow the link below and share it with your friends and family who use Viki. Tell them to up vote the thread and leave a comment. Thank You.

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me too!I also want to see all the comments, where are they going?:哭泣:

I really don’t care for that feature anymore bc ppl lately were writing disgusting things in those comments. Some were advertising other sites and many spam messages, too.

I hope they take it out forever in my opinion, with the top time comments is more than enough.

That’s why there was an option to turn the waterfall section off. You weren’t forced to look at all the comments listed. But outright removing the option isn’t fair to those who actually liked it. There are alot of people who come to this website due to the stream of comments. At least for the dramas I’ve watched, I never really had an issue with spam.


@ nicethings

It was selfish on my part to say I hope they leave it out when you are missing this feature so much. Make sure you write to viki and let them know how much you like it and want it back. You have my support if you need votes.


no worries :smile:

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