What has gone on with Madly in love?

sorry new to this discussions so sorry if this has already been addressed. I have spent over 43 hours with the great series MADLY IN LOVE. And frankly I am madly maddened hahaha as it finishes not finished, why did they axe this or take it off air, please advise me , as that is so annoying and can we watch episodes else where… thanks for help xx

Madly in Love is still airing; it doesn’t go online until it’s aired on TV. (As the channel page states, it airs Sat/Sun, so episode 44 won’t be available until sometime Saturday, and 45 on Sunday, etc.)

aha, however I got a message saying it is going to finish on 16th , so that is really bad isnt it? thanks for reply too xx

Oh sorry. I mean, they cut it a few episodes, yeah; with longer series they change the episode count a lot. Since they write and film the show as it goes out, it’s reasonable that they can add/take out a few things here and there. But I’m sure the story will end the way it intended to regardless.

just about over, but when I was two minutes to go in ep 43 I thought how they going to wrap this up, oh glad you took time to talk to me thanks will wait with baited breathe at finale…

Sure thing. By the way, I believe the latest news was it’ll end with episode 47 on the 23rd. So you get four more ^^

oh excellent thanks very much for that, very good, you are very helpful indeed xxx saves me panicking again hahaha