What is a channel hoarder?'' You know one?


To me a channel hoarder is/are the ones that you see their names in almost all the dramas on-air, old, Korean, Chinese or Japanese. These individuals are the ones that get selected to work as a team and ‘‘close’’ the team recruiting section bc they are ‘‘complete’’ bc they are ‘‘full’’

You never have a chance to contribute in these dramas bc the team that ‘‘was always together stay together.’’ I went through that a long time ago, everytime I wanted to be a moderator in a drama it was ‘‘full.’’ They always used as an excuse that I wasn’t a NSSA graduate so I could not participate as a segmenter, meantime many of these ‘‘graduate’’ made terrible segments.

Fed up with the drama I just gave up and did what I could, but I always felt bad for those left behind that were practically begging to have a chance to sub a drama (any drama) to no avail. Recently i tried to join a team as a moderator, and there was a moderator appointed already, the same one that since back in 2013 made sure she was always there first than me.

Of course, even if I got there first they would tell me that it had one already assigned. Not so much bc they don’t like me but bc I wasn’t part of that faithful to each other team. So I end up making all by myself the subtitles since this appointed moderator was never answering the PM, never did any kind of work in that drama, and I ask myself now why this person was in the drama as a moderator? Why she was working in many others but completely ignored this drama? Have you experienced a similar hoarder situation? Now that you only see viki logos and no names displayed in the page, we won’t be able to tell if these ‘‘hoarders’’ will continue this vicious cycle.

What are you thoughts on this subject? Care to share your personal experience here?


Oh, there are many like this in the two languages I work in, but I’ve noticed the same on other languages, when I looked out of curiosity why the same names kept coming over and over again.