What languages do you already know or want to learn?

i speak chinese, i want to learn english.

i know:
a little korean

i want to improve

i want to learn:

I know:
Spanish (I´m from Costa Rica, so… i´m native speaker)
English (duh)
A little bit of chinese (I’ve been studying chinese for two years now)

I want to learn:
All of them haha

Hello i have started subtitling a kdrama called "My Unfamiliar Family " in latin and i am the only one and i see that you speak latin and i would like to know if you would like to help me out . if you can please send me a PM! https://www.viki.com/users/sugaswifewashere/overview

german for one, do know some spanish, of courfse Korean, I know a couple of phrases,chinese,french,

I know Swedish and English.
I would like to know German because I listen to German techno and it would be nice to know what they are saying/shouting. But never gotten around to it because learning a whole language just for some lyrics seems… I don’t know, silly perhaps - I need more of a reason for my lazy ass to start such a project. :smile:


Hello, I speak french and a little english and spanish but I really want to learn Thai. I don’t know how I can learn it so if some body have some tips, it will be really cool