What makes a good female lead?


I actually watched and loved this drama as well. I agree


This is so true. By making female leads basically weaker men or men with extra steps it basically diminishes women. We have strong characteristics and abilities that are unique to us and They can easily be show in dramas.


Isn’t the question “what make’s a good female lead” already the problem? Not being troll or female warrior or anything. Just by framing the question in that way, people will automatically reach for the words and attributes that define female. A lot of people already have commented on looks, because we have been condition to define women my their appearance and define their self worth by traditional/trending beauty standards. But the question isn’t ‘do female leads need to be a higher level of beauty?’
Discussing female attributes females can’t be weak or dependant on a man, overly feminine, nesting etc that’s wrong (and I must admit if a character is constantly like that with no growth they become a boring character) on the other hand if a female is strong either mentally, emotionally or physically or has power within the story that’s seen as wrong also. As women we can’t win if we cry (“is it that time of the month?”) if we are strong willed we are Bi**hes.
Like many others have already commented the role has to be well written, researched, acted (right actress/actor cast), directed and edited, regardless if its the female or male role. The best characters are the most human and have flaws, they have good and bad points, that’s why as viewers we latch on to them, relate to them and follow their journey.
Maybe the question should be ‘what makes a great character?’

My Name - Han So Hee playing Yoon Ji-woo (she bottles up all her hate and anger and trains herself to a be fighter and go undercover for revenge. But also ends up bottling her emotions so later on in the series she breaks down in the street and you feel every inch of her pain) Her back story is there showing you why she doesn’t trust or open up. It may seem like a far fetched story but you believe in her and will her on because of how well written and acted it is.

Stranger - Bae Doona as Han Ywo Jin She is a smart, dedicated police office with empathy and compassion who can solve/work a case and fight. She also defers to her higher ups sometimes because she doesn’t want to rock the boat. She is smart but using her intelligence to work around the lines or at least stay in the grey areas. In season 2 for example she visits her old police station and is in charge and you can see the awkwardness of her navigating the situation with her old (male) colleagues and superior. If that had been a man in the role would the character have had to tip toe around their egos? She also is marvel(? I think) nerd and a collector of figures.

My Liberation Notes - Kim Ji-won as Mi-Jeong and Lee El as Gi-Jeong - sisters who are completely different but we fellow their journey and growth throughout the show. This is slow burn, thoughtful and deep show. The internal thoughts and feelings of the sisters (also the 2 males characters are just as well acted and written) are examined and I can’t at the moment think of another show this second that is as brutality honest with laying out the flaws and complexities of its characters…so real. If you start off watching a show and dislike most of the characters only to at the end willing them for another season that’s good acting and story telling.

These are 3 dramatic roles I chose (and I can think of many more).

Honestly I haven’t slept in 48hrs so this may have all been a weird ramble of a mess.