What ... o_O

what is this field down at the right corner?

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Isn’t it just another Viki poll?

lucky you but not so lucky since gift cards are only for 50 US states residents…
I’m still missing the Subathon List with awards… :scream:
and fyi this survey pop-up has still not popped up while in US…

and when it’s just for americans, it’s AGAIN shity for others whom are not from there -.-
i am angry again

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You can participate but not win, I feel more and more like Bong Pil at Viki, living in Europe feels like being outcasted at the moment, the last month(s) …


I definitely agree as a longtime QC from Europe, it feels like we don’t get anything lately compared to Americans, even the current dramas I want to watch don’t get European licenses anymore. :frowning: It’s seriously demotivating.


I wish I would have read this, I did take that “poll” it HAS popped up in the USA
well I don’t know about all of your responses and all, it isn’t Americas fault, blame it on Viki and those other added type people. so technically it was a scam about gift cards, they just wanted to see who was watching Viki is all. as for us Americans getting dramas that you don’t, I don’t agree… and please don’t be angry, btw, we haven’t been getting decent dramas either anyway to my thinking!

yea irmar, my (senior) voice was heard too!

I did take the poll, award or not, because I wanted my voice to be heard.


did take it too. even i dont get anything, but i think like you

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