What's going on with the KBS dramas? There are suddendly so many restricted dramas

I wonder, what’s going on! So many KBS dramas are restricted for Europe. Matrimonial Chaos, Lovely Horribly, Healer, Radio Romance and so on. Is this temporarely or has Viki really lost the licenses?

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I hope this is just a bug but I’m glad I finished Lovely Horribly a few weeks ago just in case it’s not a bug :frowning:

I do not think its a bug as it is still available here in Canada


It’s official! I got notifications about K-dramas I manage (I can’t mention the titles) that have just lost license for several regions :frowning:

What’s going on? I hope it’s nothing serious.

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That expired fast then :frowning:

Lovely Horribly was just on air, that’s a short gun expiration!

Something serious must be going on.
I know this affect you directly. So you must be worried at this point.
Let’s hope for official news soon.
Keeping my fingers crossed to hear good news for you.

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Well, many German subbers are affected and worried, some of them still working on those dramas, some of them a bit crossed, because they fear their work could be in vain.It’s a hot topic in the German Viki community.

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@somejuwels I’ll mesage you. I’m curious about something :wink:

A few years ago Spy’s license suddenly expired while me and my team where still working on the Dutch subs. So everyone was like what happened?! Now it’s licensed again but I don’t feel like subbing it anymore…


Spy is restricted again, but I’m pretty sure, that it wasn’t a few days before. One of our German moderators is re-editing this drama.

Non of this seems to affect me in Canada but lately we seem to be headed in a NA only direction

KBS World at YT had a live streaming channel, where when you were lucky you could follow a drama that was not licensed anywhere else for Europe. But they closed it while LOVELY HORRIBLY was still running from one day to the other, since it was a free service, there was not much to argue about.

Dramafever “used” to state for years it would bring dramas to Europe, we all know how it ended. It feels more and more lonely to be an Asian drama fan in Europe. But I must say, that I do prefer the shorter Korean dramas. I just don’t have the patience any longer to sit through dramas longer than the 50 eps family dramas.

I just regret that I couldn’t watch HEALER until today. I just started 3 weeks ago to finally start my on hold dramas, or not picked up yet dramas. It’s a huge list but “thanks” to Viki it just got shorter. Not to misunderstand, I am still thankful Viki is still around. I put in a request for the drama and if I come across another drama I want to watch. I will do the same, there is nothing much else to be done.


Aw you don’t get to see the cute Ji Chang Wook in healer on Viki :frowning:

And yes I feel left out too now…Why do the America’s get all the fun and we don’t?


Fortunately, you can find it on the official KBS YouTube channel:



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I’m so pissed.
I couldn’t watch so many Drama and now?
When even Lovely is not available and it’s new…

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Thank you, for the info. I looked up the channel. I do not often look for the older added dramas at KBS YT, but a lot of their dramas who are locked for Europe at Viki are now available there. So a bit of consolation.

But it is more and more tiring looking for sources leaving the illegal ones out. Since there often are title adjustments and so on. I used to be an on air viewer but it changed into - “Let’s watch what I missed the past years” in order to not see them at all. I only watch about one on air evening show, when I used to watch 3-5 at the same time.

@dudie Looks like I still got a chance. Maybe I will watch it in a bit but I just started the JBTC drama JUST BETWEEN LOVERS and if this one goes on like it started it could become one of my alltime favorites, but I am still cautions since I only watched the first episodes.

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You’re welcome. Tell me about it. It’s so frustrating…

It’s a hot topic in the Romanian community as well, mainly because this is so sudden and without previous notice. Like, we started Matrimonial Chaos a couple of days ago, all was going well, and the next minute we couldn’t save lines anymore, 'cause “the content is not available in your region”. I wonder if the shut down of DF has triggered something, when actually all were hoping that the site’s closing could mean more licensed projects for Viki…


I think it’s triggered something, but it’s definite not positive if Europe loose all the licences and viki doesn’t explain anything