What's going on with the KBS dramas? There are suddendly so many restricted dramas


Good thing I decided to not waste my energy then when they got the license back for a short while.


You’re missing one thing, though. The drama is translated to 6 languages, none of which are European, asides from English.

Not to mention the fractionation of content. Now everything is everywhere.


I am not missing a thing. That I didn’t see the drama is a personal matter. I didn’t mention other viewers in that context. For me English subtitles are sufficient, even at Viki I watch 99,9 % of the shows with English subtitles and do not use the subtitles in my native language.


I’m so shocked and a bit pissed about this, especially because more than the drama we’re loosing, it’s all the language it was subbed in that disappear too. It’s not that hard to find one show with english sub again, though it won’t always be legal, but when it comes to the other languages it’s another matter.
I mean what the hell is going ? Why so suddenly ? And as usual no explanation… :rage:
Now, all we can do is hope we’ll get them back one day but by then, for the show that aren’t completely sub like Matrimonial Chaos, will people be there to sub them again ? Ugh…


@moreenke : je suis particulièrement choquée par la disparition de Lovely Horribly, nous venions à peine de finir de le traduire et là, pouf, disparu. Comment, pourquoi ???


Mais pareil ! Tout à coup comme ça ? Ça veut dire que genre si ça passait actuellement, on serait bloqué et obligé d’arrêter nos traductions quoi ! Et les pauvres gens qui ont attendu qu’il ne soit plus sous vikipass pour le voir, c’est fini ! tsk tsk tsk


Viki messaged me to say they no longer have access to certain titles in my territory (UK) including this one. They suggested I request it, which as they have lost the licence seems like an entirely fruitless exercise. Going through my saved titles there is quite a lot gone. A subtitler let me know that Viki had lost their license to certain shows in certain regions but had asked the subtitler that it not be broadcasted publicly. I am a bit disappointed in how they handle this as lots of people over lots of presumably European countries have lost shows they were mid watching.


Is this only UK/EU im in Canada so i need to worry


Yes when Viki notifies us about a license you are not supposed to make it public as that might get them in trouble with the content owner. In the past we where allowed to share such info but then all of a sudden content owners where against it. I think it did weaken their position a bit when selling a deal or something.


I gotta be honest i dont understand that rule telling us allows us to re request content


You misunderstood my comment. My point was more general, it didn’t have much to do with us, since the English-speaking audience will have no problem finding contents online.

However, Viki’s content is watched in English only by some 35-40% of community. Combined, Arabic, Spanish, French and Romanian languages exceed the English, if I remember this correctly. This means that about 60% of Viki’s audience will loose the ability to watch a show if Viki removes it. I think that leaves a greater impact than if in similar circumstance DF lost a licence for a show.

But, yes, I do agree with you that it is a consolation that at least people from DF can still watch some of their shows (and perhaps cheaper) somewhere else.


I think it has something to do with good economy. Viki buys its licences before the dramas are even shown on Korean television. That means Viki doesn’t know if they will attract a lot of audience or not. So a while back they decided to buy shorter licences, which cost less.

I’m not sure if Viki has direct statistics over viewership for each of the shows (probably it does). These are passive positive feedbacks. And sometimes they might be enough to extend the existing licence before it expires.

But by you saying you want the show to continue being licensed, you are showing a great deal more interest in the show than by just clicking the play button. So, Viki weighs this engagement (active positive feedback) higher when renegotiating licences.


Ha… Given the inherent laziness of people, compiling a request form, which takes some time and effort, means someone REALLY wants that show.


Lol! Yes :smile:


Seams to be running again at least for me …


Found another one that was restricted now back


So there is hope that a drama will get renewed after it gets “restricted”? I was on episode 25 of Six Flying Dragons when it suddenly stopped being accessible. I’m dying now…slowly.


If you’re in the US (or have Opera/VPN) , this show is also on Netflix.


I checked on Netflix but it wasn’t there. I don’t know anything about the vpn but I will look into it. Thank you so much!!


US Netflix has it for sure.