What's going on with the KBS dramas? There are suddendly so many restricted dramas


Well, it is not showing up when I search for it. Grumble. I’m going to do the VPN thing though. That might help me access a few other shows that I currently can’t access due to my region. I’m in the US so I can’t figure out the discrepancy. I even searched using the names of some of the actors with no luck. Bah!!! Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.


I searched for the drama on Netflix (I’m in the US too) but didn’t see it.
I even checked Amazon Prime but it’s not available there either.
It wouldn’t hurt to message Viki’s admins and see if they plan to re-license the drama.


It is on OnDemandKorea (a licensed site in California), but without subtitles : (

Also, the entire series was recapped by Dramabeans.


Does Viki contribute any sort of sum $$$ to obtain permission for these networks? People pay for subscribitions, where exactally do the funds go? They do not pay translators it is all volunteers doing the work.


Yes, they pay for the licences for all the series and movies. And those are very pricey.


I have heard it’s 1 million dollars for popular dramas.