What's going with the CW?

Anyone know what’s going? I’m freaking out, as I have a lot of page designs to add now and the same to old ones. This doesn’t bother me in the personal page, but yes in the channels!

It’s like that for all of us, maybe viki is doing some updates? I noticed that the ‘image’ icon disappeared, maybe they are fixing some code issues.

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I know it’s a general problem… and I hope it’s fixed soon.
Thank you for the answer :smile:

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Seriously, can’t the site give some kind of notice/warning when they’re testing things?
It would just be nice beforehand that I should expect it and it’s not an actual problem.

Anyway, dudie said she asked about it. And I hope they finish their “streamlining” soon; fingers crossed they don’t disallow all the html codes people use.


Indeed, in the profile page was earlier, and today was with the CW. I wasn’t bothered by the personal page, but yes for the CW.

I feel you, I think they should let us know… hope it is fast ;;

OMG my pretty Minion wall is gone too :frowning:

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