What's the one thing you DON'T like about Kdramas?

I confirm it’s a cultural thing. Especially in traditional families.


Back to the glasses debate… I think Min Gyu is wearing matte lenses
Look, the light isn’t clearly reflecting off them… looks like there’s a matte layer


I hate about k drama when they are good, time flies. I’m going to miss so much those 2nd. lead couple. What a great combo! I saw him first in a drama when he was a teen, and I always wondered why I didn’t see him again… after so many years; so much better!

My kids wear these too, and by the light changes I see his (actor), in the sun they must turn light blue. They are very expensive, but all worth it. Two in one glasses.

What does transitional mean in glasses?

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You carry your glasses and sunglasses wherever you go, switching back and forth each time you go outside and head back in . A simple alternative is to wear glasses with photochromic or “transition” lenses. These lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and return to a regular tint in dimly lit environments.


It could be the non-reflective lenses with the blue light blocking coating. I’ve never heard of matte lenses. I need some of those for selfies. T_T



I paid recently an extra $150 to have non glare lenses, and they have no color in them (look pic below) is like having an extra clear layer of the glass within your glasses, but you never see colors in the lenses (like blue) when the light hits it, it always stays clear. It’s another thick part on sides of the lenses to deflect the light. it’s a lifesaver when I drive at night in Highways. I never heard of matte lenses before, but maybe in India (where vivi is from) they call them like that?

Are non glare lenses worth it?

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Without bothersome reflections, more light is able to pass through your lenses which optimizes your vision. Fewer distractions are visible (especially in the dark), and the lenses are hardly noticeable. Most people agree that anti-reflective coatings on their glasses are definitely worth the added cost .


This is good to know because I have night blindness and astigmatism. I can barely see curves and street signs driving at night. (I don’t do it very often thank goodness.) I’ll have to consider the no-glare/non-reflective coating in the future.


I used to have those… i didn’t really feel a difference after changing them, though I know that my eyes were clearly seen in pictures. I opted for less expensive glasses this time… i think it just has a UV-resistant coating and blue light filter(computer glasses) rn. The reflecting doesn’t really bother me in everyday situations, though.




Don’t get the transitional glasses if you drive at night bc you won’t be able to see at night while driving. My daughter has transitional, and when driving at night has to change to her regular prescription glasses bc she can’t see with the transitional ones. Get glasses before you get into an accident if you have an emergency and must drive at night. Don’t take chances like that.

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I just have regular prescription glasses right now. I need to wear glasses the moment I wake up until bedtime. Everything is blurry if I don’t wear them. The worst is I can’t recognize people’s faces without my glasses. At night, if and whenever I have to drive I can still see ahead but not very far. It’s enough for me to survive.

I usually get new prescriptions every year because my vision changes a lot. I need to get the blue light blocking coating next time. I wonder if they actually make a difference.


Probably not :unamused: they’ve got prescription wearers hog tied, whatever they say, we do! Come’on! As long as glasses have been prescribed, and no break through! Besides surgery that is, and even that has it’s drawbacks, outside of the surgery itself. . . :unamused: I’ll digress! :rofl:

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I know right? I have no other option besides surgery (which as you mentioned might not even work for all of us.)

T_T I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10. I probably needed them since birth because I have no memories of EVER being able to see the chalkboard clearly in school. I remember squinting so much I got dizzy.

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I had these transition glasses a few years ago and ended up disliking them. It’s a great idea but when you come inside from being out in the sun, they take at least 15 minutes to lighten back up. It’s more fiddly, but I much prefer having dedicated prescription sunglasses and switching between the two.


the pain, i can relate :sweat:


Well, the thing that bothers me and don’t like about k-dramas lately that they are going back to writing old stories from back in the days (memory loss, rich guy poor girl grrrrrrr…abusive in laws). Instead of progressing and modernizing dramas we are going back in time, and it’s so boringggggggggggggggg…Who wants to see same o same O?

The worse thing they are doing now that instead of hiring younger actors/actress to play STUDENTS, we have an actor/actress in their 30’s playing teenagers not even a College student but a teenager. I started this Chinese drama about a high school girl who was bullied blah, blah, blah. I recognize the F/L in another drama and I know she’s in her thirties, so I go and check, and we have it there: a 30 yr. old playing a teenager! what need is there? Is not like she could pull it off because her true age shows. I dropped it so fast because our youth needs to have jobs, and no person in their 30 should be playing a teenager no matter how good and young THEY think they look.


What i dont like about K-dramas is Hand Grabbing/ Unhealthy Jealousy and Stupid FLs. Also how much make-up they put on their face for god sake. I dont like how it is making us more beauty-centred rather than content centered. Also why do they KILL The parents in almost every series. Being Orphan, Being Bullied, fftttt…


The wrist grabbing is fine to a certain extent, unless theyre being forceful and pigheaded. I understand its because they cant hold the hand so they go for the wrist or elbow.

Killing off parents… its easier to write a story with parents out of the way. Even when I write stuff, i always have a hard time with parents getting in the way. You have to move around circumstances to make it feel real. Also, parent accidents are one of the easiest “deep background stories” a writer can come up with. Since parents can influence a child most, it becomes an easy route to explain away any sort of trauma and unique character trait of the character.


When there’s a kissing scene and the actors just touch lips, it may not seem like a lot but it takes the realism out of the show imo. Also whenever their actions are over exaggerated.


When adult females talk like babies and pout. I’ll actually stop watching the show. Yuk. Also when they have a haircut that belongs on a five year old.


For me, I stop watching when the writers are sooooo lazy that they just took a basic template and try to build the drama on it, without any thinking. Like the “good old” romance template:

  • 16 episode
  • rich guy, poor woman
  • 1st ep. funny
  • 2-3 one of them in love, other hate
  • 4-7 other part start to slowly fall in love
  • 8 ep first “kiss” what take several second without moving
  • 9th ep. everything is happy
  • 10th ep. ex, or arranged fiance appear, or risk of death or memory loss
  • 11th ep. break up
  • 12-14 suffering
  • 15 things get solved (?) BUT last minute separate
  • 16 time skip, in the last 5 min they meet again.

There are templates like this for most of the genre.If i meet with a lazy writing like this… the actors/drama/acting has to be more then good, to not turn it off.


You captured the basic template really well! But I actually think16 episodes is the perfect length for a drama. Not too short, not too long. I hate dramas that are super long or having more than 1 season and dragging on.