What's This Rental Business Shite, Viki?


I didn’t, and I don’t expect to get one since they announced the selected places in the QC letter from March 20th. I wrote that it looks like a trial, I can’t say it is since Viki didn’t say it.

This quote

:film_strip: MOVIE RENTALS

As a heads up, movie rentals will be coming to Viki in March (select titles only, with initial release in California, Washington, and Canada). More details to come soon in the next few weeks!

… is what Viki wrote in the QC letter, so if you have information that differs from Viki, please share.


The subject of the email said “It’s Official: Movie Rentals Now on Viki!” And then the email just had links to the 2 rental movies and a few details about how rentals works. That’s it. Not questioning what you wrote was incorrect at all. I’m not in the regions mentioned by Viki either, so not sure what happens if I click to rent the movie.



Looks like they’re trying to follow the trend of streaming, where movies that are released in theaters are also available online for rent. Its a good idea because Asian films released in theaters in their origin country don’t typically make it to theaters in the US and maybe other places.

Depending on the price, I’m up for renting shows that aren’t available in my region due to licensing issues. I am a pass plus subscriber, but shows like 18 Again, Beyond Evil, and The World of the Married aren’t available to me either from Netflix or Viki. Can’t rent them from Amazon or AppleTV either. Ill go to whoever makes them available first in a reasonable way. Dying to see these titles


If they are not licensed in your region, then how would it be legal to rent them? Wouldn’t they be available only for people who live in the licensed region? :thinking:


(shrugs) Whatever reason they aren’t available, I will go to the place that has them available.


That’s the spirit! :joy:


I don’t think that’s what it is because I have VPP and the movies that are supposed to be “for rent” I can watch them without paying anything… I think this is for those that don’t pay a subscription… Maybe I’m wrong but I’m able to watch the rental movies without paying anything.


Your explanation:

this makes the most sense.


I found some titles that are for rent only:


To be on the safe side, there should be a query before the click, shouldn’t it?

In addition, series like Flower of Evil will probably only be seen with a Viki Pass.


I just checked and it is. All the popular dramas. Gangnam ID, Strong Girl, Secretary Kim, Mr Queen, Goblin etc…


It seems as though VIKI has been taking cues from Disney+ :grimacing: