What's up with the spams?

Do we have some kind of spammer here ? It’s sooooo annoyong like they post literally every minute !!


They are just the new discussions, just never mind them unless u what to check up on one.
like whenever people post a new discussion it’ll be on that wall. i hope i helped :walking:

But like they literally spam they post stuff every single minute, I can’t even see the latest “real” discutions. It has nothing to do with viki.

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yeah right, i do have the same thing, and I really annoyed from it. :massage:

Flag a few or notify a mod (you can notify a mod while flagging) the sooner they are gone I hope. It looks as if they noticed Viki is busy with KCon today so they went on spamming spree. I think most of them are automatic bots but not all since some have an avatar.

I flagged a couple of them and messaged Dee and Mariko, hope they will get rid of them asap

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Thanks a lot !