When do you start to be a K-POP fan?

This is the topic where you can express your opinion, about when and how do you start to be a K-POP fan!
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I start back in 2008 with TVXQ/DBSK.
I tought they was japanese. I discover them as Tohoshinki because I was fan of Johnnys. At first, I was kind a “anti” because everyone said that they are better than Johnnys and belittle my fav. But after heard a lot of them, I try them (my first song of them was Why did I fall in love with you?) and I found their voices really pretty and they was better in dancing and more funny than Johnnys, so I became their fan. And after learn they was Koreans, I listened theirs korean songs and others Kpop groups (Super Junior, SHINee,…).
In fact, I’m not really on Kpop now but I’m a hardcore fan of DB5K (all members of TVXQ) and my bias is Kim Jaejoong.
I already saw TVXQ and JYJ in show, but I would love see them together. I don’t give up the hope~

TVXQ acapella for the occasion :stuck_out_tongue:

TVXQ do a cover of Lion Heart (Smap song)

Compilation of good songs of TVXQ (they are so perfect… I don’t even know HOW is possible to don’t love them)

Btw, we already have a subject about it: https://discussions.viki.com/t/how-did-you-get-into-kpop/5776/


Eu comecei a gostar de K-pop depois de assistir k-dramas…

hahah i don’t understand can you translate it in english :slight_smile:

I think it means she began to like K-pop after she helped translate k-dramas.

I started to be a KPOP fan when SE7EN debuted. I thought Rain who also debuted around the same time was drop dead hot. So sexy. I even bought their albums.

I started to look into SE7EN because he sang at the Mid-Autumn Festival in NY/NJ/Tri-state Area. He was real skinny back then and pretty boy.

Support this new singer here:
Here’s her MV:

I started listening to Kpop in 2015 but I only saw two MVs.Fantastic baby by BigBang and I am the best by 2ne1.The fact that I liked two cosplayers who were listening to kpop made me to want to listen more songs cause it sounded interesting.Even tho I was listening to kpop often I became a fan (4 December 2015) when I finally watched more MVs.This time was EXO and three MVs of BTS.I became an EXO-L and after that I became an Army too:) Seventeen were my third fandom and after them i found Speed.Now because of them i am listening to a lot of groups,support them or i am a fan of them:)