Where are they?

Just a question, is there a place we can find out where the actors & actresses are?are they still acting?. I have watched some dramas of Chinese, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. so just wondered if they are still in the acting field.Roy Choi for one,
Guo Xue Fu (Puff) Jasper Liu Jolin Chien. This is just a few That is just the Taiwan ones… so is there a place to look?

Google search is the quickest option.

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I use Asian Wiki,Drama Wiki or Wikipedia.


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that is so good I will look. thanks!


went to my drama list, how awesome is that? and yeah I can google it too. thank you for the info everyone! was quite good the drama list, I also have used asian wiki , and drama wiki. so again thanks

I must say I have been having fun with my new “toys” today. so neat to find some of the older actors & actresses are still doing some acting toio. again thanks y’all!!:relaxed: