Where can I find the smilies list for this board

I like smilies and I just discovered there is more then a :frowning: :smile: and the other standard smilies.
Like these ones: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sweat_smile: :apple: :blowfish: :dolls: :expressionless: :girl: :hankey: :icecream: :kissing_heart: :trollface: :v: :zzz:

Is there a list where to see them all?

Cool I just discovered you can do this. Put : and then start spelling what you want and choices pop up. Maybe you already knew that part. I wonder if there is a master list somewhere.

I don’t know if it’s comprehensive, but there’s this.

:cow: Mooooo~
What happened to make :whale: become :whale2: ??


:koala: Pretty cool. :thumbsup: Thanks

wow so many more smilies :open_mouth:
I did the : and letter trick but a list is a lot easier.

Thaanks @scircus :smile_cat: