Where do you get updated on KPop or KDrama news?

Hey guys!

Which website would you recommend to get updates on Kpop/KDrama news? Why is that website the best?

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I follow AllKpop on Twitter.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it’s useful.

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Allkpop, Soompi. Also KMusic on Facebook

Just stay away from Koreaboo, they are a bunch of misleading liars who love starting false rumors

I’m not really a fan of Kpop, but for KDramas I have been using Dramabeans for the past year and a half. The people who manage the website is really good, plus you can read recaps from your favourite dramas and participate in healthy discussions with the visitor of the website.


Korean articles I get to when I google what I’m curious about.

I get mine from Soompi


Yea, it’s 2021, and I’m chimming in on this topic. Back in 2016, I got a lot of current updates from Disptatch. They have an app, and a website. I haven’t been keeping up with them over the years. But, every now, and then I’ll check them out, they should be on IG too, because they are all about the photo.
(✿^‿^) They were one of my source to post up to date photos of celebrities on the now gone photoping app for Actors, and Actresses of celebrities. :joy::joy: Photoping was a drool machine. Every fan posted their favorites latest news from around the globe, fan clubs were on Photoping too, with info on their celebrities, pass, current, and next work. You could find photos, and info of dates, and times of celebrities fan meets. Oh! Well! Missing those photoping apps.
Here is the link to Dispatch:

Mostly Soompi, and it’s because of how the site is organized. Simple to use.

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I was just checking out The Korean Englishman’s channel’s latest upload. Thanks to @feyfayer initial introduction, and decided to check here if anyone posted about this k-pop idol. I found two postings. The upload is an eating video, about luxury Korean Beef BBQ, and snippets of background info featuring, and focusing on K-pop Idol, NCT Johnny. Enjoy!

[quote=“kdrama2020ali, post:190, topic:39441”]
NCT Johnny
26 years old

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I got NCT - Johnny

You can get celebrity