Where have the collections gone? solved

Okay, I see that I have a big number of badges now, but where did the collections go?
Or am I blind, what about your profile?

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As for my own, I can see them in Overview, under Contributions.
I tried looking for yours and on some other people’s profile pages, and under Contributions there is only Following.
This isn’t bothering me too much because my collections are only for me and set to private: Watching, To Watch, To Check and ask for.
What is bothering me is that I don’t have them in the right click drop-down menu under my ID pic, on the upper right hand corner of the window browser.

Well then, I wrote a request …

Could you have another look at my profile.
Viki means my problem would be solved, although for me nothing has changed.
Thanks in advance :wink:

Yes, I can see them all right!

Thanks, sometimes help center is quick! :smile:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for writing in. If you’re unable to see your Collections at this time, it may be (a) your Collections are set to “Private” or (b) that your Viki-registered e-mail has not yet been verified.

(a) You can see how to change your Collections to from “Private” to “Public” in our general Collections FAQ here.

(b) If your Collections are set to “Public” and you still cannot see them, you may need to verify your e-mail address. E-mails must now be verified to view/create/edit your Collections. You can read how to verify or re-send the verification for your e-mail here.

Viki Community Team