Where is Hong Kong?


There are some classic Hong Kong/Cantonese drama/movies that I like to rewatch now and then, imagine my surprise I couldn’t find Hong Kong in the country list any longer. Instead, the word “China” has been changed into “Mainland China”.
So, did I miss something? Since when is Hong Kong deleted? And more important, what could be the reason for passing over the Hong Kong productions on viki, while we just have been presented a more user friendly interface :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Talking about Hong Kong productions, I mean they are notable in the crime & mystery/medical genre, because they are usually more mature/western than the asian counterparts. Other titles I was looking for: The Monkey King Series, A Fist Within Four Walls. Some rom coms, Can’t Buy Me Love, Eternal Happiness.

Still there are Hong Kong productions available on Viki, I noticed, attached to the country tag Hong Kong, but we can only find them by typing the title. To name a few:

  • Healing Hands Series
  • The File of Justice Series
  • When Heaven Burns
  • War & Beauty


I noticed the missing Hong Kong shows as well.
I don’t know when it exactly started but I think it has been at least a couple of months.
Sad to see, how also other origins were removed from the list. I think there are mostly only east asian countries left?


Sad indeed. I like to know the reason for this, the Hong Kong productions are still on site, so why hide them in such a way?


There are these pages for HK dramas:

(When I click on a few, it is restricted access for me. A lot of them are old (most of them?), I’m not sure these HK dramas still have their licence worldwide).

The reason for Mainland China instead of China: a political reason (news in HK/China/USA)?


Hi Piranna,

Thanks to you I’ve discovered another strange thing, whatever region I pick with VPN, the message is still the same “Sorry, this content is not available in your region” :lying_face:
So, whatever the reason, it’s not a matter of license. If so, Viki should send us a message, right?

I hope I will get a proper answer. God forbid it’s a political-economic reason. Entertainment companies should be free from political intimidation or coercion. If Viki prefers otherwise, it’s their choice of course, but I don’t wish to pay for it.


A few months ago, some channels got “restricted access” worldwide (especially old channels+created content).
As a viewer you can see their pages on Viki, but it is available nowhere because the worldwide licence has been lost (licence = right to show it on Viki in short).

I don’t really know or understand why they still show the channels on Viki since no one can watch them (maybe to see if some people will request them again? But normally, they have other indicators to know if it’s profitable or not / many people are interested in them). Or maybe it’s temporary? But I don’t think so… seeing the kind of channels.

I don’t think Viki will send us a message, the usual practice has been you discover it one day and you ask Viki and they will tell you. The information doesn’t come from Viki first.

I don’t know if we’re free from politics. Politics come to your life even if you don’t want to.
Laws, school schedule, working hours, breaks, new taxes, even your freedom to come and go (immigrants or green cards).
You can’t separate economics/politics so easily because we expect politicians to make better working conditions laws, better salaries, more jobs, etc.

I don’t know why Chinese is now Mainland Chinese. It is just a supposition, seeing the news.
Maybe some viewers have complained about it, or someone else, or it could be something totally different!