Where is the customer service

Since subscribing to VIKI PASS the service is deteriorating. In the middle of the drama and then the service just goes until the next day. How can there be no avenue for redress?

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IFill in a form so Viki can help. Hope that helps : )

Contact the help center by mailing too help@viki.com or fill in this form :slight_smile:

Hi @nikkimaragh! I’m sorry to hear about your problem with Viki Pass. Yes, for a technical issue like this, it is best to inform the Help Center at the links provided by @Haiqa and @Dudie :slight_smile:

If you can detail the issue, include screenshots, and describe what you’re using (for example mobile app on iPhone or Google Chrome on web), then that would be great!

Thanks. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2015 and decided to attempt once again a place to express this wish.

I totally forgot about this problem as I simply subscribed to an alternate site. No one should have to search/navigate too hard for customer service.


Thanks but I opt to subscribe to an alternate site. It was simply easier that way.

Thanks. Happy New Year