Which country are you from?


Hey guys! I am from Germany but my roots are from Turkey :slight_smile: :heart:


Coucou ! Moi je viens de France ! :kissing_heart:


Portugal :kissing_heart:


Hi @helenama73_911 waving from Arizona!


helllo everyone !!! Me from Rocky Mountain in USA


Hi! I used to live in Arizona :smile:


Hi @aznative Greetings from NH… I was in AZ twice, once on a dude ranch near Tucson…
Happy New Year :star2::champagne:


I am from NC in USA


Hi! Happy New Year to you too.


Wow, really? It’s a small world. My family has been in Arizona since around 1918.


Woah, you have roots there! My family immigrated to the US in the early 2000s. When we were in AZ, we lived in Glendale


Hello all… I am from Jamaica:blush:


My Dad lived in Glendale in the 60’s before moving to California .
We are in Sun Devil territory ~ Tempe. Do you mind sharing where you immigrated from?


We came from Lebanon, but we are Armenian (well, I’m part Armenian).
We ended up moving to the desert part of California, one hour away from LA. Really, instead of saguaro catci, we have Joshua trees. That’s about the only difference. That, and our summer heat isn’t as hot as Glendale’s.


I’ve always wanted to see the Mediterranean Sea. We recently met a couple who moved from Armenia about 19 years ago.
I’m sure you’re happy to settle in a more moderate temperature and your nights probably cool down more than here in the Valley.


Ohio United States.


I used to live in Charlotte :slight_smile:


Yeah, I almost forgot how hot that part of AZ can get! :sunny: :sweat:


Ooh, how cool! Seeing people from everywhere using Viki and enjoying dramas is awesome :smile:


Por favor, podras traducir la serie llamada Historia del palacio yanxi Capitulo 53 en ESPAÑOL. quien podra hacerlo TT, ya no se a donde ir para que terminen la traduccion, solo faltan pocos capitulos para la serie pero solo esta en ingles T.T POR FAVOR POR FAVOR