"Who am I?" guessing game [CLOSED]

I’ll take the bait.

You are an attention seeker, probably had to fight an ugly childhood with caustic humor and fighting back, but not right away. You spent years trying to pass by unnoticed, but then an incident caused you to develop this warrior persona and the need to put everyone in their place. You compensate in a way for a time in your life that you weren’t in control. Maybe someone else but you got hurt?

At the same time, you developed an affection for fantastic heroes, both literature and TV, a hobby that to this day offers you a safe haven when you feel overwhelmed or threatened.

Later on, another incident, something you could blame on luck, caused a serious setback, maybe a health issue? You once again tapped into your spiky personality to come to terms with this and fought with extreme health oriented measures, maybe even a martial art or something. You wear it as a badge on everyday life and you challenge people to be rude about it, so maybe it had noticeable effects on you.

Not too many years ago, a person who depends on you came into your life and you now love them dearly. They see this flamboyant writing style as a nuisance some times, but you defend it as part of your personality. It hurts a bit that they don’t fully accept this part of you.

You are a female, 30-45, and you have been a bit on the heavier side in your life; you are relatively short.

Just for fun. :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m not very good at guessing games and I’m not good in judging other people’s characters - in my life I’ve been fooled more than once. I’m good at research, though. So let me start with the things you’ve said about yourself. You’ll be surprised to know they are quite a few:

  • you are proficient in handling computers for long decades, since the DOS years. Pre-Windows programs like Quarterdeck. Sigh. Desktop publishing. Databases.
  • You also know how to create websites.
  • you have a college degree in physics. You studied first rocket science - and atomic/subatomic physics
  • you learned to type on a typewriter, typing lawyers’ pleadings with a phone tucked ear to shoulder as fast as they could dictate them
  • you type like a banshee
  • over twenty years in the business world
  • you have or at least had a husband
  • you compete in a certain sport, where you volunteer internationally as referee and coach - have been doing so for 20 years now. You once called yourself a "lifting master"and said you coach powerlifting from afar
  • you do massage therapy to pay the bills
  • you have started learning Mandarin style Chinese. In November you were about to start specialization at NA for Mandarin.
  • you have studied German in the past
  • you are volunteering for viki since September 2016, and have already completed the Ninja Segmenting Academy.
  • you don’t like sponge cake. You’ve already baked a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.
  • You obviously have some culture, much more than is usual for an American. You know a bit of Latin, you know about Shakespeare and such.
  • You recently had an accident - maybe broke a leg or something like that.
  • When you get involved in something you love, you focus completely and work at it disregarding personal health or lack of sleep.
  • You may live in or around Denver

I think it’s obvious you are over 50, maybe even over 60

What I’ve noticed so far:

  • You like using words in CAPS all the time.
  • You have a great sense of humour.
  • Your florid, colourful writing style is very enjoyable. Sometimes it’s tiring, though, when it’s not suited to the purpose. For instance when contacting viki stuff for technical issues, you still use the same style, when they just need to isolate the exact problem from all the prose around it.
  • You tend to blow things out of proportion. Everything is magnified with you, it is heavenly or terrible, very little in-between. Like the diva in your username, a bit of a drama queen.
  • No sense of measure either. Your posts are usually long, sometimes needlessly so, and at times it’s difficult to grasp your point. (I am also a long poster, but I don’t ramble as much).
  • You like lending a helping hand to people who don’t yet know their way around viki.
  • When you see something you like or you agree with, you are very generous with praise and kind words of appreciation. I was the recipient once of such a post, which warmed my heart no end.
  • You have zero patience with others, are quick to take fire and take offense. You are not careful with your words. You judge quickly and don’t care if you offend people. I’ve read you call somebody a troll merely because s/he made a suggestion to rate subtitles, you called somebody else rude when she wasn’t rude at all (at least in my opinion) and made a whole post full of full caps because I hadn’t noticed that the thread was only about cdramas and not dramas generally. I had missed the c at the beginning, and talked about Korean ones. For this great sin I was scolded no end.

So yeah…
Passionate and caustic, strong personality, funny, impulsive and temperamental, childishly savage, a chronic protester, a diva and a drama queen, knowledgeable and helpful, a person with very varied interests, in literature and in sports; a talented writer who seldom sees the need to read again her own writings. If you really became a professional writer, I think you would hate revision. (I’m not talking of your translated subtitles here, which you obviously edit carefully, but of your own free prose)
You probably have a family, and you’re probably overweight.
Can you be warm and fuzzy? I think you are, but it’s not the side you have chosen to show us. It creeps in sometimes. But I bet that when you fall in love it will be like an impetuous torrent.

Yes, I find you infuriating as much as I find you entertaining, but I mostly love you - for some arcane reason.
Moreover, sometimes I feel that the things in you that infuriate me are parts of myself - as if you were an exaggerated version of me (me on steroids?). Sometimes, because normally we’re not very alike. (Or are we?)



She is also quite tall. Not sure if she’s overweight. Nice recall! So she scares you a bit since you see yourself in her?

Is this conversation seriously happening? Talking about someone’s weight based on what a person writes? :unamused:


What has this thread come too huh? :wink: :expressionless:



The calendar showed it was "April 1st - And it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

For those of you who answered - one was a creative and somehow heroic story - perhaps it would make a good drama. :slight_smile: It’s still wrong - but that’s okay. :slight_smile: Actually made it sound like something I should live… :slight_smile:

The other - was the expected “free shot” and the person who did it, yeah, I knew you would.

You didn’t disappoint me - and you revealed far more about yourself with that than you guessed about me.

Your research is flawed, by the way. :slight_smile:

And your fascinating idea you can peg my weight from my typing? Wow. :slight_smile: and my height too.

As for the other assertions…steroids? No. No Steroids - sorry to disappoint you - but that you have somehow cast me in your image in a way?

No. Your writing has proven this to be entirely incorrect.

You had your fun - and well, the joke truly is on you. :slight_smile:

Because you did exactly what I expected you to do. And in a way that was not flattering…to you.

We…are not alike, Irmar. We never will be. And for that, I am truly thankful.

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
For the record, I do not diet nor do I need to diet. It is merely a play…on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. For Humor…not weight loss. :slight_smile:

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So you were pissed. Ha. You ignored the good parts and you focused on the others, as most people usually do, and you ended up insulting me. OK. No problem. I can live with that.
Obviously one cannot know such things from just some writing on a website. You may have written false information on purpose, for all we know. Wrong or not, it was a honest and sincere attempt to do what you asked based on existing information and the latter paragraph was my interpretation of them.
I don’t mind if I reveal my personality when I write my opinion. If I had a problem with that, I would never write comments, reviews - or this thing.
BTW: of course the “steroids” were a figure of speech. Yes, the weight was a guess based on the “Dieting” on your signature, and I knew there was a chance it could be wrong, as you say it is. But I never wrote anything about the height, Glykeria did.

In some parts only. What would happen on certain occasions if I didn’t consciously pause to filter stuff before speaking/writing.

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Not as a joke = joke? I’m confused.

But… @deadliftdiva_548 honestly speaking, I do love the flowery language but they don’t make for easy reads. It’d be so much easier to figure out what you are saying and want if you just wrote straight to the point instead of wandering around in circles, exploring a dab of sarcasm satire, a whole bunch of lyrical prose. Just saying.

Btw, if you still want my personality profile of you, let me know. I was halfway typing up one when you said it’s an April Fool’s joke so I’m not sure if I’m to post it or not.


Please post it anyway!

This thread is getting Legendary.

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Guys…this thread was discussing how we can improve on channel assignments and it has really derailed into very personal stuff. Can you start another thread, so those of us who are interested in the original conversation can follow? It would be appreciated. Thanks.


You are a sweet and kind human being, your biggest gift in life (never take that for granted). You are a warrior, a fighter, for those who don’t know how to fight.

You are a beautiful human being inside and out bc if there is real beauty is the one inside of us.

There are times you will get tested and may fall in the trap but always remember this, you are not alone for you guardian angel is always near you…

If I were to see you in a milk carton I would see a sun shining bright and beautiful giving light, warmth and happiness to all those you touch.

Sorry guys, really wanted to clean the other post up. Keep chatting or don’t.
PM me to close thread if desired.

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Exactly how I feel right now… :expressionless:

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@xomachi I vote that we close this thread. It doesn’t serve much of a purposes and it’s somewhat offensive, imho.


what in the world, I agreee close this thread, what in the world did I get onto?


Good to know Who is Who around here.